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  1. I had a good search & found nothing that would be any use to me as I'll be autoing.
  2. Hi so I've just started a new account which is currently 56 range I don't plan on getting prayer so that rules out NMZ or experiments Have a very bad history with rock crabs so I'd rather not. Would do ogres but there's too many cannons there these days. A fenced spot where ava's wouldn't work would be great for me as I'm not wishing to collect my arrows back anyway I will be at this spot till 99 so somewhere lowkey preferably Any suggestions are highly appreciated!
  3. Oh there it is! You beauty. Thanks alot!
  4. Hi yes it does 49998 Tri AIO Combat & Magic Tri 15 Credits Auths 1 Fri, 13 Mar 2015 22:05:05 +0000 COMPLETED
  5. Hi so I bought the AIO Combat & magic script around a year ago & have returned to find that it's no longer letting me add it to the bot & is saying I must purchase it again My purchase id is 49998 Thanks alot!