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  1. I'm interested in buying what should be a relatively simple script. It will hunt one hunter animal and nothing else. PM me if interested, thanks
  2. Cheese potatoes http://2007.runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Potato_with_cheese ironman food
  3. Very glad to see this fixed! Not sure why a functional implementation of ABCL2 wasn't feasible, but ABCL1 never gave me any problems anyways, so I'm happy. Thanks for fixing it @Tri
  4. So on the issue of offering ABCL1 and 2 delays, it's definitely an option, because @Aropupu does in his miner. Maybe that's common knowledge, but I just realized it
  5. I don't believe that's possible. If it was, I'd love it, but I don't think so. The only answer is to train in places where there are zero other players, which is generally a good idea anyways.
  6. Ironmen can not buy an item from a shop if there's more than the normal amount stocked, this results in the script just repeatedly right clicking "buy 10" in an endless loop with a message in the chatbox saying "You're an ironman, fuck you". Can I make an argument to make the script not buy if stock is greater than X?
  7. Will this support yanille essence? If so I'll buy it.
  8. He'll get back, and fix it. Sooner would be better than later, but we'll live. At least it's not getting anyone banned.
  9. It's a solid script with some bugs. Erickho aquired rights to the script and is going to rewrite it. It's not for sale right now, it will be once he finishes it.
  10. really would appreciate a way to use the previous version of the script >.< Well, actually I'd like to utilize the ABCL2 features, but not have such large delays.
  11. Is there a way to turn the ABCL2 thing off? or adjust it? part way through today it just decided to go from 55-60k xp/h to 42k xp/h, and the client debug has changed from what it's always been with this script to this. Pretty big XP cut, and I'd prefer the previous version of the script. [23:45:46] attacking[23:45:46] ABCL2 Update: last fight took 12207, kills: 462[23:45:46] Recently in combat: true[23:45:46] Wating time: 646[23:45:46] REACTION TIME: 12108[23:45:58] target on screen[23:45:58] clicking model[23:45:59] Taking screenshot[23:46:02] Looted the item[23:46:02] have target[23:46:02] attacking[23:46:02] Recently in combat: true[23:46:02] Wating time: 16807[23:46:02] REACTION TIME: 932[23:46:03] target on screen[23:46:03] clicking model[23:46:16] have target[23:46:16] attacking[23:46:16] ABCL2 Update: last fight took 12235, kills: 463[23:46:16] target on screen[23:46:16] clicking model[23:46:33] have target[23:46:33] attacking[23:46:33] ABCL2 Update: last fight took 16162, kills: 464[23:46:33] Recently in combat: true[23:46:33] Wating time: 56[23:46:33] REACTION TIME: 6041[23:46:39] target on screen[23:46:39] clicking model