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  1. ill try this when i get home.
  2. it says no data available.
  3. Hi im not vip so i can only run 1 client. However whenever i try to access tribot, it says another client is running basically and i checked bot panel and it says 2 windows/clients are running but no scripts are. Can someone remove both those clients/instances so i can use the bot?
  4. Bumping this thread.
  5. This is a common problem as seen by the threads around tribot. Not going to spend any money on VIP because I already own the premium scripts I need.I have done everything recommended and still the message pops up. I have: Ended Java instances Gone to Instance manager (nothing was there) Shut down computer & disconnected for 10+ minutes There is obviously a client error, so can you re-release the previous version of Tribot?
  6. Great script personally used it to bot up stakers melee stats. However, one thing I would love to be added is the ability to withdraw combat potions from the bank. These potions are the same as attack, defense, and strength potions, but save lots of time with the store running, which in my opinion is the most bot-like feature of the otherwise flawless script. The ID's are as follows: Combat Potion (4): 9739, 9740 (noted) Combat Potion (3): 9741, 9742 (noted) Combat Potion (2): 9743, 9744 (noted) Combat Potion (1): 9745, 9746 (noted) Thanks, hope you implement this
  7. Demon Host: Grand Tree, Tree Gnome Village, Lost City, Fight Arena, Vampire Slayer MTD Host: Mountain Daughter, Tree Gnome Village, Lost City, Fight Arena, Vampire Slayer Guthans Host: What Lies Below, Haunted Mine, Tree Gnome Village, Vampire Slayer, Lost City
  8. Made a few M's since I bought this yesterday, already got back the price worth on this script Only issues: 1. Paint is buggy 2. Seems to randomly log after 2 hoursish
  9. Yo whoever is selling games for 18K each, stop. You're not benefitting anyone
  10. I just minimized to the tray and it will not restore no matter what I do. I went to the icon, and right clicked and said "restore" but nothing happened, and I tried left clicking too. What do I do?
  11. 9 Xmouse_data-164538-1418952454552.dat
  12. 3,4,5,6,7 Xmouse_data-9850-1418947236028.dat Xmouse_data-9850-1418947796708.dat Xmouse_data-9850-1418948297810.dat Xmouse_data-9850-1418948966543.dat Xmouse_data-9850-1418949632359.dat
  13. Here is my first two. How many do I need to do? Xmouse_data-9850-1418945663836.dat Xmouse_data-9850-1418946270727.dat
  14. If I wanted to create a farm for this, what stats should I train to before using this script?