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  1. Lol and why you drop out the last sentence? I'll add it for you wauw. You're really pissing me of by trying to put me in a bad light there. I just made it too easy to fuck me over, that was my mistake. I didn't no fucking take his, that doesn't envolve you but him. Btw don't turn my words 'equivalent of 5m' refers too something else than RS money. Really man long time I've seen such a sad kid as you, and for what reason.. Just cuz I botted a lvl 3 you made and gave a bond (which I wanted to refund all the time lol). If this gets through it's just bullshit, not even real evidence because there is none! Anyways run with you gold and stop dropping out sentences of the skype convo's.
  2. No. I was doing a service on an account from Ken, which I didn't finish yet. At the same time I was kinda sharing an account with Trust to host NMZ. He provided the account membership and some items (like 200k). I trained the account (from level 3) to being a NMZ host. I bought the NMZ script and then I used that 'shared' account to bot NMZ on, which I didn't ask permittion for... There I made a mistake indeed but I got carryed away in my excitement, but like stated in the pictures I was willing to refund the money to him (bond + 500k). This was even after he kicked me from his services and ran with 5m i deposited to him to get in and 4.5m I would receive for the service on Ken's account (I finished like 600 - 700 out of 850 PC points already). After all this happend he blamed me from taking away money from Ken's account. Which I did NOT do. I hope this clears things up for you. Edit: All of the parts on Ken's account was done by hand and that account has not been banned!
  3. Should be loving it! I can see this is pure entertainment to others lol.
  4. Well obviously you didn't get it because you blocked/deleted me. But I still did send the message lol pretty much proves I was willing to refund. Cute you follow trust on this tho lol, if you want to work for him good for me, I wouldn't recommend.
  5. Worked for him, I wouldn't reccomend him lol. Services might be good but he treated me like shit.
  6. Worked for him, I wouldn't reccomend him lol. Services might be good but he treated me like shit.
  7. You should stop acting like you're a BOSS lol. And you're running a service, I wanted to try it out lol. And I wanted to refund you the account and even more and you weren't okay with that cuz your ego is too big. & man an IP ban is not hard to get around, but you're right I won't be using Tribot anymore in case I get banned. Let Trilez judge and I'll hope you're happy when I'm banned, I'll go to another platform I guess (would be a pain tho ) And I DID NOT SCAM HIS, you can blame me for your own account but okay.
  8. I was training it to be a NMZ host for free for you lol and you were okay with me using it. I trained it to a NMZ host and used it to test out my fresh buy the NMZ script... (I'm pretty sure Trilez can check this to see that's the case.) I just got carried away in my excitement and wanted to try out the script straight away and used it with your account... True dat.. But the only thing you did on it was giving it a bond and like 300k - 500k worth of items... I suggested you to make a fucking HOST for free lol and after I even send I message to YoYo to refund you the bond and 500k after you were treating me like a peace of shit. Let me try to get a picture of the convo with him on here.
  9. Alright, I didn't ask you if I was allowed to bot on it, but like stats in RD's post I was willing to even make you a NMZ host for free while you just gave me a level 3 with 14 days membership and like idk 300k worth in items? I did even send a message to Yoyo0 saying I wanted to refund the fucking bond and 500k even after you banned me (I will post an image later and check the fucking time it was like right after you kicked me.) Oh man i don't know why im getting so carryed away. And I have trust in Trilez common sense lol.
  10. What's your point? I'm even saying I wanted to finish the orders, which he obv didn't pay to me (I did 700 points for free for him lol)
  11. Right... You're such a douch. I did not take anything from him, that has effect on me... I'm planning on getting your account down mate, once I got more time I will make a thread about how you talk to your workers and how you treat them. Reason you kick me from your service is me having a busy weekend and botting on a level 3 you provided a bond to? And the you even want to fuck me over by taking his money and put the blame on me? And you stated you're not immature lol. You're incredible! Really lads, go to him for a service, such a pleasure lol! You can blame me for not finishing his 270 points indeed, you're right there. But why would I do it when you kicked me out and ran with my 5m? I'm sorry for that fella.
  12. A bond is an item in Runescape 3 and if you 'consume' it you can choose one of the benefits it gives you. One of those benefits, and the most interesting is 14 days of membership. If you're member in Runescape 3 you're automatically a member in Runescape 07 aswell. It does cost about 7 - 8m RS3 I thinking (You need to pay 10% of the item price to make it tradeable.) ans people here sell it for 1 - 1.2m. I hope this helped you out and goodluck with bonding!
  13. SKYPE: SkankGames What services do i do? - Account Creation -Powerleveling - Questing - Fire Cape - Defender - Torso - Void ------------------------------------------------------------ PRICES Account Creation Since this can go from only tutorial island to maxed mains the price is very variable. So contact me on Skype for prices, but tutorial island is 50k firm. Powerleveling Prices will be discussed on Skype, depends on current and required stats. Questing Prices will be discussed on Skype, I'm figuring them out myself too. MM - 5m MM - Package 7m Fire Cape Prices will be discussed on Skype, depends on current stats. Defender None to Rune - 500k Extra defender - 150k Torso Can vary a little bit but normally 3m. Void Full set (One Helm) - 6m Extra - Will be discussed on Skype. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NOTE None of these services are botted, they're all hand done. Also, if i do not reply on Skype instantly, please be patient. Terms of Services (ToS): I will not be going first, MMs can be used but the customer will be paying the fee. I will not be responsible for any mutes or bans (Everything is hand done). You can NOT log in during my services. You can NOT change the accounts password during my services. You have to read through these terms and agree before any order.
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