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  1. Is there plans on adding the new essence?
  2. Any plans on adding Daeyalt Essence? The item stacks as well so you never have to leave and bank.
  3. That would be cool. What I noticed is there is a massive delay in right click+choose when it comes to phials, altar, and house. Also, when right clicking the bone and clicking the altar, when there is a TON of people on the altar, it has an extremely hard time picking the altar.
  4. Script is spamming right click over phials and altar. Script needs ALOT of work. Almost a sure ban if you use.
  5. Noticed an issue with this setup: Lighthouse Dags Cannon + Ranging B2P enabled with B2P tabs in inventory Monkfish enabled as food (2 in inv for emergency) Teleport to bank: Equip glory to edge Teleport to spot: Barb outpost inventory Potions enabled Noticed that the script messes up a few kills in, picks up the cannon then starts trying to run away clicking the black area of the area. This has caused me to stop the script and end up doing it myself. Wondering what happened?
  6. I think I figured it out actually. When the fishing spots change location and the kitten is not in the camera frame, the script freaked out. How I fixed it was I zoomed out pretty far so the kitten can be seen at all times. Also: Will you be adding drift net fishing to this script? Would be a great addition.
  7. Just noticed that when at fly fishing in barb village, when your kitten needs to be fed, the mouse freaks out and constantly tries to right click the ring slot in the equipment tab. How I work around it is shut the script off empty my inventory and restart the script. Something to maybe look into.
  8. Realllllllly? I tried soo many different settings. What settings did you use? Edit: Sorry was vague. I am using Optimus Combat.
  9. Hello Fal, Can you add using the stepping stones to get to the lighthouse from barb assault?
  10. Is there a way to setup Cannoning at lighthouse dags? Bank at barb outpost, walk over stepping stones, go to cannon spot, setup, once food is gone, teleport to barb outpost and repeat.
  11. I think the walking to the Dagannoth lighthouse is broken. I have it set to cannon in the dungeon then teleport to Barbarian Outpost hoping that the walker would take it through the stones. That did not work. Tried to set it up to teleport to Relleka via house tabs to see if it would walk from there and still no. Any assistance?
  12. Hey, when doing the abyss. When it teleports to house via teleport tab, even tho I have already been teleported to my house, it clicks the tabs until it runs out. Usually around 3 tabs
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