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  1. No problem Montreal. Thanks for actually apologizing, respect for you. And yeah will do now.
  2. Montreal, There is no need to indicate this anywhere as, The package that is purchased are the resources you will get no matter what. Not shared. Dedicated to each user. We wouldn't write this if it wasn't true.
  3. It's not deceiving as we would like to have up to 8 slots (Users) On this VPS. And run that many clients without disruption of lagg and other problems. It's extremely stable at that.
  4. As Dynamic said. There are 8 slots on the dedicated server without any sort of cluster or lagg. I have a decent positive traders rep. I'm not sad enough to create another account just to confirm what I am saying. Yes, he has 1 post count. But yes, he is the owner of DynamicRDP. As for the support member. I'm sure that defiantly not a way to "Support" any sort of member of the forums, I think you should reconsider your role and try again. Don't try and sales thrash something that you have no proof to trash please. 1 Post count or not, Any member of the forums is considered a member until proven to be a second account as it is against the rules. Thanks. As for the person who spoke about our ToS. I will make sure they are reviewed and changed if this is clashing. And about stealing some wording from the other VPS thread. I do apologize but what you've written covers exactly what I offer. You do word it better, I think that the competition of prices are considerably different if they rather your package for minor farming and 2-4gb RAM vps. I apologize if you're offended and if you would like me to rewrite the thread I have no problem in doing so. Kind Regards, Dashy.
  5. I can assure you all that it is safe to bot on these, It may help or may not help your botting ban rate. But I can assure you that this is a true package of 32GB RAM 100GB Disk Space and a definate unlimted bandwidth. If somebody would like to purchase please, let me know and then take a vouch.
  6. *EXTREMELY* LOW PRICED, FRESH, GOLDFARMING OPTIMISED and READY-TO-GO Looking for a way to bot your account/s 24/7 without having to leave your computer constantly running? Need a way to make your goldfarming experience less stressful and more productive? Look no further. I've personally used VPS's to bot RuneScape for a while now and I can guarantee it was one of the smartest things I've ever done. Less bans, easier to manage and no need to leave your PC on! YOU DON'T EVEN NEED INTERNET OR ANYTHING - THIS WAS THE SELLING POINT FOR ME PERSONALLY. Not having to worry about having my computer running while I'm not home is a great weight off my shoulders. Specifications This particular Dedicated VPS will run 8 clients with ease. NO LAG! No disruptions! No Mess! Runescape Package 1 - HDD: 200GB Brand: HP DL180G6Private Drive: YesProcessor: 2x Intel Xeon E5620RAM: 32GB DDR3OS: Windows Server 2008 Standard R2Connection: 1Gbps DedicatedLocation: (Netherlands|Evoswitch)Unlimited Bandwidth - No download limits, download whatever you need and bot whenever you want!8 Individual Workspaces - Reduces clutter, makes managing your clients a breeze.32 GB RAM - Lets you run 8 bots without lagging, I'd recommend minimizing your bots when not viewing them to ensure a smooth botting experience, however I have never had issues.2 core CPU - This means a lot of extra power to ensure your experience is a smooth as possible, not sure why you'd want more.TRiBOT/OSBOT/JAVA/FIREFOX/VNCSERVER ALL COME PREINSTALLED, YOU RECEIVE THE VPS READY TO GO!Personal support from me and my team, I will reply to you whenever I see you message and will work tirelessly to fix your problem - or your money back.Reminder: These are shared servers, but you still get exactly what the package says For any extras or custom specs you desire, just ask. I can most likely fulfill your request (e.g new IP, more RAM, another core, a different OS, more diskspace, more runnable clients!). DEDICATED VPS Pricing ( Personal Support, Setup and Management All Included) PayPal - $20.00/month 07GP - 12M/month Or any combination of the above. Click the link to purchase http://dynamicrdp.com/whmcs/cart.php?gid=2 For any requests out of the ordinary, feel free to message me on skype - I'm sure we can come to an arrangement. This pricing is for the standard VPS, as described in the thread. I can offer a wide range of add-ons and additional services, obviously at varying prices. I don't personally think you'll find anywhere cheaper than here, if you do - let me know and show me proof, I'll match it (and probably beat it). Why should I use a VPS in the first place? Using a VPS rids you of the need to have your computer on 24/7 and means you can bot even while you're away on holiday! This is perfect if you're a student or you work a lot, as you can worry about your work instead of worrying about your PC being left on - it's all remote. I've also personally found myself receiving half as many bans as before, back when I was botting on my home PC - you can rest easy knowing your accounts will be running when you wake and when you get home from work. It would be massively appreciated if majority of the discussion we have is done on skype, it will make everything smoother and easier if we can speak about it there. I can tell you everything you need to know and I'll be happy to help you whenever you need it, you guys are my customers - you come first. If you're interested in purchasing one of these, skype is preferable - however I will answer TRiBOT messages. Click the link to purchase http://dynamicrdp.com/whmcs/cart.php?gid=2 Skype: Callum.dash Reminder: These are shared servers, but you still get exactly what the package says
  7. If I was you, spend a little bit of cash on proxies and use them on your tribot client to not get tracked as easy.
  8. Hey I was wondering if I could buy a voting method for any rsps?

    1. dashybaws


      Sorry I stopped doing this.

  9. I love reading this, as Iv'e never been banned. I think I'm extremely lucky after hearing how many people get bans. Touch wood.
  10. What you can try and do is Reinstall Java JDK, Restart you computer But from the looks of the error, it may possibly just be the script.
  11. That's an abviou no braining awesome idea! It's what we need if they're planning on trying to keep us away, but obviously the bot world are in beta and until we find ways around it they can't update it, but botting will always be a evoluted battle