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  1. I've made a script, and have been able to run it for the most part. However, I am at the point, where it's no longer feasible to just use println(). So I need to debug my code, however I have no idea how to connect Eclipse or IntelliJ to tribot for debugging. I found an old guide that explained it, but the launch parameters etc was outdated. I got updated launch parameters, but it doesn't seem to actually be debugging when running the script.
  2. It's mostly just needles I see it get stuck on. Managed to snatch some bans from getting stuck on Ernest the chicken and sheep herder. Think it was mostly a camera issue, although at sheep herder it got stuck in the fenced area behind the house. At Ernest it gets stuck in mansion trying to get tube, on the fountain it did once, when getting attacked by the tree when running around back, it does not click again after getting hit and "snared". So far, accounts that didn't get stuck anywhere in the process have not been banned.
  3. Just ran into same problem. It's not during quest, it's when training cooking. Also, maybe make it spend a lot more when trying to get needles as it will make an offer a lot of times before finally putting in enough.
  4. And there's the fix! It was teleports and ring of wealths it got stuck on
  5. Works nicely! However.. If it's to be used to get over the F2P restrictions, wouldn't having the script work on f2p be a good idea?
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