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  1. Lol logged in today to the account I was using for 2 days, botting chickens mostly, and banned. I guess jagex has really improved their bot detection.
  2. Thanks
  3. Title. I don't want random charges down the road when I don't know it's happening. I payed for a month, but I hope it's not reoccurring.
  4. Yeah I can confirm this as well, IDs of the bank have changed. Script will not bank anymore.
  5. Tri... When I run the script it takes my lobs out of the bank, walks to the wall and just eats them all. Then it climbs down the ladder, and tele's back to falador. What is going on?
  6. Oh I see you edited while I was posting haha. I had the same question. Not sure which one 120 is, but likely just another world.
  7. Ah, I think he's right. ping oldschool85.runescape.com returns ping oldschool85.runescape.com returns But what is
  8. This is very strange... If you go to the IP in a browser it's a rs07 game world. Appears to be at least. I'm not so sure about this IP tbh... I have been getting this too. Seems to be when I try and login.
  9. Same with me...
  10. Yep same problem with master farmer and aAgility. Hope this is fixed very soon...
  11. USA, Could you please have the script tele to house before breaking? I'm sure it's not too difficult to do, and it would save us from dying when using breaks. I don't like the idea of 24/7 botting without breaks. I'd rather lose a house tele than my pouches...
  12. Wow dude it's really awesome that you're updating this script every time some one reports bugs, especially without it being a premium script. This is amazing work. Keep at it!
  13. Epic script man, if there were more quests I would def pay premium for this! Just as an FYI, there is a couple of bugs with the Black Knights Fortress Quest. 1. Gets stuck going to castle from fally (going back and forth, I Believe it was mentioned in another post). 2. When inside the fortress, it opens the secret door, goes up the ladder then never clicks the second ladder to go up another floor. (This happens when going down it too)