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  1. Im not a scripter but I know how to script. Pm me and tell me what kind of script
  2. Hi I am currently buying all rares on osrs (07). Add me on skype at darktrooperyy or pm me here.
  3. Nice, actually I will try this out sometime.
  4. Yes the ban rate is small-medium rock crabs is very high maybe the highest bot to get banned from got banned today with a rock crab script.
  5. A proxy/vpn would work well with you're problem they are relativly cheap and will make sure you're I.P. is not being looked at.
  6. Yes that is very possible.
  7. Jagex sometimes gives you more randoms and stuff like whats happening to you because they might be watching you.
  8. I have the experiements bot and have never been banned, try to go into a world that is not filled and has almost no one there (usually there is not many people there).
  9. procedure P07_FindRockBomb; var tpa: TPointArray; begin SetColorToleranceSpeed(2); SetColorSpeed2Modifiers(0.14, 0.51); FindColorsTolerance(tpa, 6190211, 217 , 127, 329, 228, 19); SetColorToleranceSpeed(1); SetColorspeed2Modifiers(0.2, 0.2); if Length(tpa) > 70 then begin MMouse(P07_MMCX,P07_MMCY,1,1); wait(95); ClickMouse2(mouse_left); wait(RandomRange(35000,60000)); // Edit this if you would like. end; end; that could work try that out, it might need to be edited though.
  10. One minute Ill get back to you to help you out with that.
  11. There should be a seperate I.D. for smoking rocks if I am correct figure out how to get that I.D. then make it so it walks away when that pops up.
  12. Dont bot 24/7, dont use high risk bots/places, try to use a proxy if you can get one, and look around and see what other people have success with.
  13. honestly since the xp rates and cash are higher might as well just play the game
  14. You will have to pay the full fee but it stacks, trust me though its worth it.