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  1. cheesepoop

    purchasing vip

    i accidentlly bought 6.5 credits where do i use my credits to buy the vip
  2. cheesepoop

    TRiBot Release 9.216_0

    My Client will not load:?
  3. can you make it an option so that you can have it equip a ring of life would make this script a 15/10 if you could do that
  4. also if i put baby imling jar in and take out the impling jars my self it'll run fine but if it trys ot pull out low level imlings it jsut closes bank opens put back take out repeats several times then logs out
  5. cheesepoop

    Tri Puro Puro - 1m+ / hour - N VIP required

    can you fix it so that it doesnt go into free to play worlds
  6. heres what it does it goes to bank pulls out baby impling closes bank tab opens back puts the impling back shuts bank sometimes repeats this several times and then logs out.
  7. script says i have no more low level implings when i have well over 200 of each and then just quits
  8. cheesepoop

    Tri Puro Puro - 1m+ / hour - N VIP required

    SCRIPT STOPS <=== sorry for caps didnt want to delete bot just stops and says no more low level implings when i have plenty of them
  9. cheesepoop

    Crafty Crafter AIO ABCL 10

    its just clicks the gold bar and keeps trying to use it on the furnace when screen selection to make amulets pops up and if not that it runs back to bank and says i don't have any ruby's or gold bars But have 20k of each?????? any solutions
  10. kind of getting pissed i pay money for this but it just sits at the sack? any way to fix the problem?
  11. script get stuck on either db axe special or on guthans healing and never going backl to whip tentacle any solutions?
  12. my script will attack one monster then just not attack anything else.... solutions?
  13. why does it never work past like 1 dose of p pot for me????????? never works
  14. why did i end up near the wilderness dead? don't want to sound mean or anything but i paid 25$ to make money not lose it? any explanation why it happened