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    20-year-old from finland who loves runescape, going to the gym, photographing and going out with friends !
  1. ViliZ

    I was just wondering

    Actually I just realized that when I got banned it was on my old pc, If I remember right .. but could the ban I got today got nothing to do with using outdated script? Im not accusing the scripter, It was my own fault if it has anything to do with the ban
  2. Almost like half a year ago I was a busy user of tribot with my 2 bots, 99 hunter main ja a skiller. Both got banned in the exact same moment so decided not to try again botting. 3 days ago I was wandering around and came across tribot once again and gave it a try. I have been botting 3 days with fresh account about 7-10h a day with 8-12min breaks every 50-70mins. Today I got a 1 day ban. So the question is, Is my ip flagged or something or is it that I've been using wHunter premium which I bought long time ago? Has it been updated or anything? It got stuck with misplaced traps couple of times but I thought that's normal. Sorry for a long post heres a potato
  3. ViliZ

    2 DAY BANS

    I just received 1 day ban after botting 3 days about 8-10hours a day with 10min breaks after every hour. Am I fucked?
  4. fk. seems that jagex has finally found an effective way to detect bots
  5. Ouch .. well i think my botting hobby is done now, like 1½ years ago i quitted from p-bot cuz sold my accounts and like month ago i found this site, very reliable and stable client but im done now. Had just bought few premium scripts and memberships
  6. Other one was doing magic to get ready for puro puro (99 hunter account) And other one was wcing and flech Fuck. that is all I can say.
  7. ViliZ

    Guys, what is this

    I'll post pics later but could someone explain WHY, both my bots was running over night, doing combat and woodcutting&fletch. I went to check them well .. both were in total random location, AND my combat accounts items were noted!? hijecked? I don't think so Jagex is fucking with me? The new system?
  8. ViliZ

    About OSRS Randoms

    I Also have 42hour proggy from aHunter
  9. ViliZ

    About OSRS Randoms

    well guys check this out 24 hours chins, and before that I was doing falconry for like 18hours and had to pause cuz my inventory was full of random event crap like gems and kebab
  10. ViliZ

    About OSRS Randoms

    ouch .. suiciding ?
  11. ViliZ

    About OSRS Randoms

    I think i'm getting shit loads of randoms Is this normal? After 3 hours of woodcutting willows in a not so popular spot
  12. I am currently using mutant mayhem ) I have used many other mutant -products and been very happy with them. I'd suggest mutant
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