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  1. Can i give a suggestion.... Deposit all button when banking...
  2. ClayFireplaceMaker

    Script was awesome thanks for 50 construction on 5 accounts
  3. ClayFireplaceMaker

    ahh ok i will change it later lol
  4. ClayFireplaceMaker

    that's how my inv looks with pick equipped..
  5. ClayFireplaceMaker

    can you add a equip pik function? to equip the rune pik, this allows for the maximum number of fireplaces/run
  6. ClayFireplaceMaker

    that was fast.. thanks
  7. It still freeze at the barbarian village spot after 1 hour just at the bank
  8. Gets stuck at bank sometimes just sits there, until i move the camera then it finds the bank. Also does this with return trip, at the door, and ladder.
  9. Looking threw my scripts today cleaning tehm up... Is this script a subscription or lifetime?
  10. Got a little banipoo from this my fault though didn't take breaks. was doing natures.
  11. ClayFireplaceMaker

    OK well the script doesn't repair the pick atall for me. it just teles home and sits in the kitchen
  12. ClayFireplaceMaker

    Its clay... the difference in menial
  13. [Free][Combat]Texan's Monk Massacre

    Just got a 2 day from this watch out
  14. ClayFireplaceMaker

    Doesn't always detect rocks (but that's fine) I agree with jayx to make it support getting a bronze pick from bob, pickpocket a man to get the 3 coins lol, and equip it