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Graphic M

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  1. very nice lets see how active is this place. ^^
  2. Need work anything <3

  3. something new in to tribot and it cost 10$
  4. Graphic M

    gg bank

    first ban i have been banned 20 times with 2b :/ no begging and might be wrong thread also "place of it" :/
  5. yeah, everyone always have lot of learning always learning isint never ending because we are humans. the best of the best graphic designers who make movies art and shit need to learn more. you never cant stop learning.
  6. thanks, but its boy and good offer bro that would help alot also
  7. Graphic M


    i know what you saying there but thanks <3
  8. troll is a troll who love me too mutch to say those words like 0,01$ <3 love spammers
  9. Will design any graphic kind for TRIBOT VIP extended. it cost 7$ if correct. Intros arent on the list. they cost little too mutch for this. ^^ pm me if you are intrested. and yeah, check my thread also and signature and flame hate and love it in this section. Disscuss about graphic here // thanks. https://tribot.org/forums/topic/29664-%E2%80%A2-graphic%E2%84%A2-%E2%80%A2-pprs3gp-%E2%80%A2-fast-and-cheap-%E2%80%A2-2-25-%E2%80%A2/
  10. vip is end so cant use tribot to use debug and dont have gp to do that atm :/ how mutch you say i would get best ones atm ?
  11. cost ? or anything never heard im not nerd on rs
  12. http://gyazo.com/94d7113065c1c6268afe23d8cb89390d selling whole bank caculated only units are 6,8M make them herbs they are 3x worth of that money. earth tallismans are 1.5k ea if buying all! ALL items with good price when buying all!
  13. Graphic M


    haha, would do that
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