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  1. @idc add me up if need
  2. gl with your shop <3
  3. Gl ur shop
  4. its good layout but u cant read and cant see.
  5. Off half year maybe will be back.
  6. everyday online guys :/
  7. thanks for this <3 tell what you love about it and ill make more these maybe might post here.
  8. i instaled the drivers and i have been using photoshop cs6 with it and ill try draw every day to get better <3 thanks for your option also!
  9. so pretty mutch, bought shitty awsome graphic table for 20$ Genius G-pen 450! this is my first work with 2 days. havent ever tryed this and tested it little bit how it works to get fit on it. FLAME, HATE, RATE, LOVE, MAKE COMMENT!
  10. yo my mate love you <3 uor teatcher.