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  1. how do i get it to adverstise. it stands at duel arena sets up "auto chat" then nothing advertises. unless it runs out side arena
  2. Can some one uodate me if alching works or if it spam aches everything wanna purchase but wasted last 3 purchase cause script won't alvh anymore and it's all I needed it for fighting gargs
  3. Any one know if the alching is fixed. It's been months and havnt beard a thing. Is tribot.org abandoned now? Nothing new or updated seems to come from this site anymore?
  4. hey guys just wondering what i am missing here. used this script many times before and for some reason the alching wont work. when fighting a monster and i start script it will just alch everything in my inventory. ive used it before but i dont know if i am missing somthing this time. any ideas?
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