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  1. hey guys just wondering what i am missing here. used this script many times before and for some reason the alching wont work. when fighting a monster and i start script it will just alch everything in my inventory. ive used it before but i dont know if i am missing somthing this time. any ideas?
  2. [P] AMMONITE CRABS (privet request)

    ? Hello
  3. [P] AMMONITE CRABS (privet request)

    Only scrip that will work is afk sand crabs but doesn't loot or bank I own all other premium combat scripts non will reset agro.. closest one to work would be tri combat and magic but he doesn't respond to my messages.
  4. [P] AMMONITE CRABS (privet request)

    I'm looking for a afk/active fighting style scrip to kill ammonite crabs. loot fossils and bank. Would like it to support super combat potion. Maybe a built in break handler that let's u set different breaks in the same loop. Message or post here thanks with high level ABC. Will be able to pay any form.
  5. please check your messages

  6. not sure if anyone elts has been experiencing the same problem as me but . everytime it teles back to camelot. it gets stuck and just keep rotating camera... anyone know anything about this?