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  1. It's pretty old now, I actually recoded the entire thing but I haven't released it yet I'll release it when I cba lol
  2. Went to osbot during downtime

    yeah, I too went to osbot in the downtime. and holy fuck, let me tell you how bad this bot is.. tribot is superior in every way possible. there aren't even tabs, if you want to use a proxy you have to start a separate client. if you stop a script, like 80% of the time it wont actually stop and you'll have to close it and restart the client so, as a scripter I lost access to all my private scripts and I was loosing a lot of money. So, as a solution I decided to rewrite my scripts for the osbot api and OH MY GOD the api is a shitstorm. Like for example, if you wanted to declare your starting position when starting the script.. normally in tribot you can just do this public RSTile start_pos = Player.getPosition(); but, if you tried to do the same in osbot for example.. public Position start_pos = myPosition(); it will break your script entirely, stopping it from ever being able to be ran.. giving no reason or any output as to why it wont run. just the fact that you declared a starting position breaks your script it's not just like that with positions.. but anything that uses the osbot api i could go on forever about how bad this client is its fucking retarded and I praise the based lord trilez for getting tri back up cause holy fuck I cant deal with that bs
  3. Hey I'm so sorry I haven't updated this in forever. To be fair, I honestly lost the source so I'm going to have to rewrite all of it lol. So, expect Mythik Smelter 2.0 soon mane shits on the wayyy

    This is like the third shit post this kid has made Why hasn't he been warned yet?
  5. Taking script requests

    Still taking requests! why the shit post?
  6. Taking script requests

    Hello everyone! I'm an experienced coder named Mythik, I've been coding for nearly 7 years now and I'm fluent in many languages. Anyway, I'm taking script requests for free. The only catch is, I'm looking for a good money making method in p2p. If you can supply me with a good way to make money on p2p, I will make you a quality script for it w/ ABC 2.0 that both me and you could use. I will not release this on the repository and will keep both the script and the method private. If you have a good way of making money with little requirements PM me, and I will make the script for you if I think the method has potential. Thank you! I hope to talk to some of you soon. ps. you can also add me on skype @ rust.us.to
  7. How can I Stop my Script from running?

    you have to return/break out of the run method
  8. Using external jar libs

    what kind of web api? any reason why? seems pointless to me to not let local scripts use external libs, not like it's any kind of security risk as it's only local.
  9. Is there anyway to do this? I know you can't publish scripts that use external jars, but what about just for a local script? Seems pretty stupid to me, just keep getting ClassLoadException :V
  10. Mythik's Blackjack

    Hey everyone! I've written a blackjack bot throughout the past week or so, and have been playing it with random strangers on RS, and I thought it might be fun to extend this to the people at tribot! Bot is entirely automated, it accepts and gives rewards on its own. All hands that are dealt are generated randomly with tribot's API (General.random(min,max) Same goes with hits. If you were wondering, yes, I do have a slight upper-hand so I don't loose all my money. My only advantage is that I win in the case of a draw, just like in a game of real blackjack. Status: Not Hosting! Check back in a few hours! Location: Grand Exchange World: w385 Come have some fun!
  11. Lost VIP

    -snip- got my vip back yay ??
  12. Content Count

    thanks its kinda pointless imo
  13. Content Count

    cool opinion bro
  14. Entirely unrelated. All world hopping is handled by the Tribot API, and none of your information is available anywhere. And it's not possible afaik to log that information with a script.
  15. [PSA] Regarding Script Updates

    I PMed you a video of it please try and fix this soon ;P