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  1. It's pretty old now, I actually recoded the entire thing but I haven't released it yet I'll release it when I cba lol
  2. Hey I'm so sorry I haven't updated this in forever. To be fair, I honestly lost the source so I'm going to have to rewrite all of it lol. So, expect Mythik Smelter 2.0 soon mane shits on the wayyy
  3. Mythik

    Taking script requests

    Still taking requests! why the shit post?
  4. Mythik

    Taking script requests

    Hello everyone! I'm an experienced coder named Mythik, I've been coding for nearly 7 years now and I'm fluent in many languages. Anyway, I'm taking script requests for free. The only catch is, I'm looking for a good money making method in p2p. If you can supply me with a good way to make money on p2p, I will make you a quality script for it w/ ABC 2.0 that both me and you could use. I will not release this on the repository and will keep both the script and the method private. If you have a good way of making money with little requirements PM me, and I will make the script for you if I think the method has potential. Thank you! I hope to talk to some of you soon. ps. you can also add me on skype @ rust.us.to
  5. Mythik

    How can I Stop my Script from running?

    you have to return/break out of the run method
  6. Mythik

    Using external jar libs

    what kind of web api? any reason why? seems pointless to me to not let local scripts use external libs, not like it's any kind of security risk as it's only local.
  7. Is there anyway to do this? I know you can't publish scripts that use external jars, but what about just for a local script? Seems pretty stupid to me, just keep getting ClassLoadException :V
  8. Entirely unrelated. All world hopping is handled by the Tribot API, and none of your information is available anywhere. And it's not possible afaik to log that information with a script.
  9. wow.. I bought this for 8$ lifetime and i'm seriously regretting that decision. got banned in under 2 hours with this script.. rip my everything
  10. There really is no difference. Leaving it on draws the path the bot is going to take to walk Leaving it off disables the draw path. Should have no effect on the CPU.
  11. noticed a few issues if the conveyer belt is broken and you don't have a hammer, sometimes it tries to repair it.. and it always fails. But, upon failing it always pays the foreman aswell, even when you have plenty of time to use the furnace before paying again. sometimes it tries to pump while the bank menu is already open, and gets stuck. for misclicks on putting ore on the conveyer belt, you should check the interface text. that way, if it matches the right string, like "you must pay the foreman or whatever" only then would it actually pay the foreman again.
  12. The amount of time before rotating camera is not handled by my script, it's handled by the TriBot API itself. But, I do rotate my camera before attempting to click the furnace, maybe this is what you are talking about? I usually make over 400 bars an hour with steel. For sure! I'll add it next update.
  13. Idk man try the scripting tutorials section, I've been programming for 4 years lol and yeah I can put that in for sure
  14. Haha I was actually in the middle of coding this when you posted it, nice proggy though. Updated to 1.5! Script now properly stops when out of ore!Added a bunch more fail checks for furnace and withdrawingScript now handles random events correctlyMade walking paths fasterScript should be actually completely flawless now!​​I'll add ring of forging come the next update, sorry I've been putting it off but it's a little tricky to code when I can't even use the item due to not being member haha ​ ​
  15. Oh! that's great because I was about 99% sure that my script was working perfect lol