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  1. Used this script on several accounts and here are common problems that you should be aware of : Client of kourend- at start of the quest talking to Veos doesnt choose option to travel Plague city- doesnt read scroll at the end of quest so if you have biohazard quest selected it automatically buys ardy tabs but dont use them when you going from guidor house to elena, so it walks from varrock to ardougne, so if youre low hp lvl you die at wolfs in taverley Biohazard - at the end at guidors house opens/close doors for hours be aware of it this one too Digsite - after 3rd test stuck- doesnt grab spicemen jar, so you cant find ancient talisman
  2. it would be nice if you add "read ardougne teleport scroll" after plague city completion
  3. where do you guys send appeals please ?
  4. working good, one question @Naton could you please update where the bot stand? i mean could it stand behind the wall or so , not at trapdoors
  5. my bot is just sitting in cathbery bank and drinking all stamina potions
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