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  1. I want to do the tea stall in varrock. But when the inventory is full it stops doing anything and cannot drop the tea cups. Says something is wrong with the listed items or something, but i used the tea cup id for the items to drop. But it doesnt do anything.
  2. @Encoded the bot doesnt work when having a pearl barbarian fishing rod equipped. it says: waiting for status and it doesnt do anything.
  3. Does anyone know if there is a script for pumping?
  4. Where can i find that script that does the full afk pumping for str exp?
  5. aerial fishing. i had a clue bottle yesterday, but it did not drop it. the drop fish only checkbox was not marked. And if i can add one more thing. the delay when lvling cooking is much longer like 30 seconds than when lvling up fishing or hunter.
  6. Can u check your private messages please ;) or come online on skype

  7. what you guys suggest for using this safely? go in world with many people or with less people?
  8. getting like 29xp an hour at 59 range now. script is working very well for me !
  9. when u start the script u can choose out of 2 methodes: fastest xp and antiban mode
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