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  1. I too have the same issue if anyone could give a hint on how to fix would be awesome!
  2. I've been using this script last night worked very well! Now this morning I try to start this at same location but instead of using melee I use ranged. The script starts off for a few sec after attacking one npc it just shuts off. Anyone else??
  3. Just bought 10M OSRS GP from this Yohojo. This dude is awesome! The trade went really smooth and fast!
  4. Doesn't start at all, just paid for this script, I am disapointed.
  5. I want a refund, I paid 20$ for a script that isn't even working. I don't want to be a douchebag but the script isn't even able to choose a npc to attack in a room full of npc's. I am disapointed.
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