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  1. Verison # (Required): latest Picture of setup of GUI (Required) : http://gyazo.com/92179503646285ad42038e209dc1e49e Client debug (Required, paste it in http://www.pastebin.com) :none Bot debug (Required http://www.pastebin.com) :none Script stack trace: (REQUIRED, ONLY PRINT IT WHEN THE SCRIPT IS RUNNING AND THE PROBLEM IS OCCURING) (image of how to print stack trace herehttp://gyazo.com/6a34c15dabaec56761596344fcaa8815) (PASTE IT IN http://www.pastebin.com) :none Bug that occurred (Please be detailed) (Required) : Won't open the door to the mounted glory when you teleport to your house. You might need to wait a little bit for this to happen.
  2. really ive been using this for like 2-3 weeks havent gotten banned yet
  3. Order Form: Amount of gold to buy/sell: Buy 4m Have u added me already: Yes Payment method:Paypal Will you leave me a positive feedback:Yes
  4. Really legit thanks paid 1.3m for a bond he was really fast
  5. Bought 1 bond from this guy went really well thanks!
  6. Legit I went first he gave me bond after, fast service too
  7. Yah it seems to do that for me too fix it please. It seemed to work fine yesterday
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