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  1. Wanted to update you regarding the issues I had with banking. I separated the items a bit causing there to be a delay between withdrawing items so that it ensures that each item does indeed get withdrawn. It's successfully continued twice now and gone back to killing. Will keep you updated if any other issues crop up.
  2. This has been consistently happening for at least a week or so now. Unfortunately I don't have an account I can loan out at the moment seeing as I've been reduced to my main account for the time being, sorry for not being able to help out more.
  3. Something is odd with the banking and I'm not sure if it's my settings or if I'm failing to understand the feature. Under Items & Banking I have my loot list filled out, Loot over 800 and Loot in Combat set. I also have an item under Bank items: a teletab. So after it finishes its run and goes to bank it successfully banks the loot, withdraws a piece of food and a teletab and closes the bank. It then promptly opens the bank, deposits the food and teletab and heads back to do more monster killing. I figured because it would successfully withdraw the items that that is what the feature is intended for, but I'm unsure because it always re-banks them before setting off and it banks both the food and teletab. Am I doing something wrong? Thank you!
  4. I got a 2-day ban on my main. Haven't botted since. Just gonna lay low for a bit.
  5. Had this issue as well. Happened when I told the bot to use the MSB special attack. :/
  6. Lily

    Good old runescape

    His pussy game is off the charts.
  7. Awesome updates as always. Not sure if it's possible, but why not add the ability to choose what color the mouse + spline are? This way, the teal one doesn't necessarily have to resign, we just specify the color code, and we're able to use whatever color? :3 Course not sure if it's possible.
  8. Just got banned using this script. I ran it for 4-5 hours, on this new account and it got banned. This account was never botted on previously. I even intervened a few times to sell to players for different prices then I set. Not sure where the true issue lies, whether it be in the client, randoms handling, or the script. Just thought I'd post that while using this script I got banned.
  9. kawaii~desu (✿◠‿◠)

  10. I didn't even know it existed, otherwise I'd have used it. Honestly though, I'd love to see some various splines + cursor/mouse options. I don't know why, but I love the cursors. I'd literally use the client 24/7 just because of the cursor. ; n ;
  11. He may have updated it, however the Repo mods/admins need to verify the update, and push it out. We may have to wait till tomorrow for support of D Pick to be official.
  12. DPick ID = 11920 Would love to have support for the DPick added :3
  13. And this is why I paid $20 for such an amazing script. Truly awesome. Thank you for the quick support for all of my issues.
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