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  1. NVM! Script works great! 10/10, just got my second spear. 2 items away from collecting them all
  2. The guy before said he has seen the bot leaving an item on the floor. Also I just got an item, and it wasn't registered on the loot-table at all, not even as 0 gp. Probably wouldn't have picked it up then if my inventory was full.
  3. oh honestly? my bot must've left it's fair share of items on the floor then.. there's a lot of items that it doesn't count as one..
  4. He wasn't. I recommended the script to him, so he purchased members for his main he hadn't used in ages.
  5. Friend of mine got a 2 day bot busting moderate while using this script, be carefull guys!
  6. Found a major glitch while using varrock teleports as banking method. Have watched it use 5 varrock tabs while doing so, it first uses two of them, then walks east and after a few steps it tabs varrock again, repeats about 3 times before it stops doing that.
  7. Seems to be working again! One thing I noticed when it's potting up, when using several potions for ex. attack/str/def the mouse will click slightly to fast making it not register some of the clicks here and there. Thus not being fully potted. Also I was wondering, is there any way an option can be implemented where the bot pots at "X" prayer points? Because as of now, it often uses a prayer potion when it's not neccesary. Could save a lot of money if you could decide when to pot and how far up it should pot before attempting to fight one of the brothers. Just throwing it out there!
  8. Not sure if these flaws were there before todays update, but when using varrock teleports it uses two of them. And when looting the chest it usually clicks wrong about 2-3 times before actually looting the chest.
  9. Just bought this, but it's broken. Stands there clicking the chest that leads to tunnel without entering.