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  1. doesn't save item list, stuck filling it out every time I restart the script.
  2. May also have something to do with Jagex's servers being hit offline, has also been causing major lag on World 1. Doubt that's helping the bot in it's abilities. Nothing to do about it though..
  3. Well, in a way it is. For example the script might think 20 defence levels does more than a max hit and a few HP levels. Depends on the situation, but pures do have the power to abuse the script's winpercentage when staking with a main(-ish) account. I've cleaned quite a few people using this script. However, they are also using it incorrectly by not setting up their max levels appropriately.
  4. It means they have levelled up whilst being logged in, it's to prevent being scammed by someone who let's say, get's Monkey Madness reward then goes staking with extra levels not shown on highscores.
  5. Don't have a video, but further explanation; When the bot sets up the duel's settings it missclicks the ring slot and clicks on decline.
  6. You'll have to do your own research. There isn't a single succesful staker here that's going to share his stats/strategy.
  7. Should use a combination of win percentage and max level cap.
  8. Also, i'd support going for a challenge after a duel. That is something I always do when staking legit. Seems that many stakers, even when they have no intention of staking again, get tempted/lured back into it when receiving a re-challenge.