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  1. @Druid I was able to run the script for about 20 hours at the Master Farmer in Draynor. However, I came back to see that it was behind the Lumbridge castle, by the Giant Rats, being attacked by a mugger. It was not moving, and I believe it just kept eating the food in its' inventory whenever its' health was 3 or lower. It was auto-retaliating, but it did not make an effort to escape. I manually walked it backed to Draynor without pausing the script, yet it failed to function whatsoever when it was by the Master Farmer. I don't know what happened. I'm confident the bot died, and got stuck somehow on its way back to the Master Farmer, though. It had two pieces of food and a seed in its' inventory. The client debug is extremely vague, and it seemed that it logged out and logged back in after whatever happened so I can't really confirm if it died or not. Edit: Actually just happened shortly after posting that, but I missed what goes wrong and It didn't get stuck. Although, it did die almost instantly after starting the script. Here's the client debug if you need it: [12:46:17] Script Started: Master Thiever AIO.[12:46:17] Please ALWAYS run tribot in lite mode![12:46:50] Stealing from Master Farmers @ Draynor[12:49:08] Moving to NPC inside area.[13:00:53] Moving to NPC inside area.[13:04:25] Login bot started.[13:04:25] Login Bot: Login...[13:04:39] Login bot succeeded.[13:04:39] There aren't any Master Farmer in the thieving area that we can reach[13:07:42] Moving to NPC inside area. ^ I started it right beside the Master Farmer, by the way. Separate complaint: The bot really likes to drop food instead of seeds sometimes. I see my food scattered all over the marketplace.
  2. @Leespiker I witnessed what's killing the bot: When a pickpocket or a knockout fails on a Thug, the bot will try to pickpocket them but instead right-click and won't select an option. It does not correct itself nor does it eat during this.
  3. @Leespiker Do you mind adding death-walking? It dies quite often and needs a lot of babysitting. If it were able to walk back to Shantay pass, after dying, and travel back to Pollivneach I'd at least be confident that the script is still earning my account Thieving experience. Currently, I have to check on it every hour or so to make sure it's still working, and often times, I have to walk it back to where it's supposed to be.
  4. I just bought it, and it works fine for me. Are you bringing money with you? Edit: Never mind, I'm suddenly having consistent deaths now, for whatever reason. It was running fine for like 6+ hours. When I checked on it this morning, it was dead. Ran it again another three times, and every time the bot died about 10 minutes in. @Leespiker I noticed that the script seemingly paused itself, probably just as it was being attacked. I've had this issue on a few other scripts, so I'm deleting Tribot and re-installing it to see if it fixes the issue. Edit 2: This did not solve the problem.
  5. @Druid Left it by itself for a few hours and came back to see that it was stuck on the 2nd floor of Lumbridge castle again. It left-clicked on the stairs on the left-side of the castle with the options-menu open and got stuck there, for what I imagine to be a long time. Also, the bot is still pick-pocketing men even at level 32 - I'm not sure if this is normal.
  6. @Druid So I made a fresh account and setup the account at Lumbridge, set it on automatic and left it for the night. Almost 8 hours later, I come back to find that it only managed to get to level 14 thieving and it was stuck in the 2nd floor of Lumbridge castle in the room with the spinning wheel. It kept logging in and back out again, not even trying to get out. The door was wide open.
  7. @Druid As the previous poster mentioned, if it misclicks and attacks a man in Lumbridge, it will run out to the graveyard and into the swamp, to the back of the castle and to the front of the castle, and loop - about 3 times in my case. Request: Keep loot over x-value, so you don't have to nitpick through every item.
  8. Another thing: when switching worlds in-game, after immediately logging in or switching worlds, this will happen when the menu hasn't loaded: http://zippy.gfycat.com/DisgustingSickHake.webm I was told this is a problem with your code.
  9. There's more: [14:02:38] hovering[14:02:41] hovering[14:02:42] hovering[14:02:46] hovering[14:02:47] hovering[14:02:50] hovering[14:02:52] hovering[14:02:54] hovering[14:02:55] hovering[14:02:58] hovering[14:02:59] hovering[14:03:02] hovering[14:03:03] hovering[14:03:06] hovering[14:03:09] hovering[14:03:11] hovering[14:03:13] hovering[14:03:16] hovering[14:03:17] hovering[14:03:20] hovering[14:03:22] hovering[14:03:24] hovering[14:03:26] hovering[14:03:29] hovering[14:03:30] hovering[14:03:33] hovering[14:03:34] hovering[14:03:37] hovering[14:03:38] hovering[14:03:41] hovering[14:03:42] hovering[14:03:46] hovering[14:03:47] hovering[14:03:50] hovering[14:03:51] hovering[14:03:56] hovering[14:03:57] hovering[14:04:00] hovering[14:04:02] hovering[14:04:04] hovering[14:04:06] hovering[14:04:08] Antiban performed[14:04:09] hovering[14:04:10] hovering[14:04:13] hovering[14:04:15] hovering[14:04:18] hovering[14:04:19] hovering[14:04:22] hovering[14:04:24] hovering[14:04:25] Break Handler: Taking a break for: 00:07:42[14:04:51] Antiban performed[14:04:51] hovering[14:04:53] hovering[14:04:56] hovering[14:04:57] hovering[14:05:02] hovering[14:05:04] hovering[14:05:06] hovering[14:05:08] hovering[14:05:11] hovering[14:05:12] hovering[14:05:16] hovering[14:05:18] hovering[14:05:21] hovering[14:05:22] hovering[14:05:25] hovering[14:05:26] hovering[14:05:29] hovering[14:05:30] hovering[14:05:33] hovering[14:05:34] hovering[14:05:37] hovering[14:05:38] hovering[14:05:43] hovering[14:05:45] hovering[14:05:47] hovering[14:05:49] hovering[14:05:51] hovering[14:05:53] hovering[14:05:56] hovering[14:05:57] hovering[14:06:00] hovering[14:06:01] hovering[14:06:04] hovering[14:06:05] hovering[14:06:08] hovering[14:06:10] hovering[14:06:13] hovering[14:06:15] hovering[14:06:18] hovering[14:06:19] hovering[14:06:24] hovering[14:06:25] hovering[14:06:28] hovering[14:06:30] hovering[14:06:32] hovering[14:06:33] hovering[14:06:36] hovering[14:06:38] hovering[14:06:41] hovering[14:06:42] hovering[14:07:49] Taking screenshot[14:08:00] hovering[14:08:02] hovering[14:08:05] Antiban performed[14:08:06] hovering[14:08:08] hovering[14:08:11] hovering[14:08:12] hovering This filled up my entire debug. It was already in the log in screen when I saw it, but apparently it was happening before it logged out. It was rapidly moving the cursor around, stopping, and repeating. Stopping the script made the bot log-in normally, and ended the script shortly after.
  10. There are issues while taking a break in which the bot tries to log off, spamming the log-off option while in combat. It doesn't wait until it's out of combat, but when it is it will simply attack another enemy while trying to log out simultaneously. In addition to this, anti-ban features will continue constantly while in the log-in screen, often completing the same pattern over and over. Here's the Client Debug: [12:45:49] Break Handler: Taking a break for: 00:21:39[12:46:03] have target <-- Attacking while trying to log off.[12:46:03] attacking[12:46:03] sleeping switch object[12:46:04] target not on screen turning[12:46:05] finished trurning[12:46:10] target on screen[12:46:10] clicking model[12:46:10] npc on screen[12:46:10] model is not null[12:46:10] In view port[12:46:11] model2 is not null[12:46:11] npc on screen[12:46:11] model is not null[12:46:11] In view port[12:46:11] model2 is not null[12:46:11] Successfull Attack[12:47:17] Antiban performed[12:48:16] Antiban performed[12:49:09] Antiban performed[12:51:18] Antiban performed[12:55:36] Antiban performed[12:58:06] Antiban performed[13:00:59] Antiban performed[13:01:02] Antiban performed ... and so on, until the break stops. Here's a Gfy of the log-in screen: http://gfycat.com/JubilantFinishedGorilla ...And here's a picture of the bot attacking stuff while trying to log out: http://gyazo.com/71c01f7ae77d143f5598b0a355def14f Also, Lumbridge banking does not work. It does not know how to go down the stairs after banking.
  11. MSO

    [ABCL 10] ExShopper - AIO Shop Buyer & Seller

    @erickho123 Would it be possible for you to add support for being able to go through dialogue to buy an item?
  12. The bot has trouble banking at the Lumbridge bank. After going up the stairs and depositing any items, the bot will not attempt to go down the stairs and instead click on the black part of the mini-map. It does this on both the top and 2nd floor, and does not correct itself over time. I'm not sure if this is a problem with your script or not, but I'm sure I've never had this problem before.
  13. @TRiLeZ ~2.5 hours of fighting monks at the Edgeville Monastery. I initially went back and forth between two, then three -- then back and forth between two farther away from each other. I split my attention between Youtube videos while I was playing and tabbed out a few times. 1430728219263.zip
  14. Here's my 20: Xmouse_data-96187-1425949024379.dat Xmouse_data-96187-1425949908041.dat Xmouse_data-96187-1425950951561.dat Xmouse_data-96187-1425952035097.dat Xmouse_data-96187-1426016288203.dat Xmouse_data-96187-1426025407284.dat Xmouse_data-96187-1426030193863.dat Xmouse_data-96187-1426038357315.dat Xmouse_data-96187-1426106409336.dat Xmouse_data-96187-1426114312372.dat Xmouse_data-96187-1426120097347.dat Xmouse_data-96187-1426120696951.dat Xmouse_data-96187-1426121756342.dat Xmouse_data-96187-1426124831758.dat Xmouse_data-96187-1426125469042.dat Xmouse_data-96187-1426196733499.dat Xmouse_data-96187-1426383056338.dat Xmouse_data-96187-1426402363773.dat Xmouse_data-96187-1426452400610.dat Xmouse_data-96187-1426455604126.dat