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  1. The $140 USD has been transferred from Paypal to credits as of this moment.
  2. That isn't sound logic. If I started a dispute of inactivity because a scripter was gone for a few hours, then the dispute wouldn't be taken seriously. Unless you have an alternative and optimal time-frame for disputing inactivity, then I don't see how that could work. My main issue was only 'brought to attention' after I had to bring it up multiple times - you would have not acknowledged it otherwise - which was scripter inactivity. The only thing @Leespiker did as a result of this dispute was update the script, which does not resolve my issue - only the symptom of my issue. If you appreciate analogies: if I have a life-threatening illness that causes rashes and I only treat the rashes, not only will I get the rashes back after time but I will still be stuck with the illness.
  3. You've just acknowledged that he made an agreement, an expectation, for how often updates will come, @Usa. Since @Leespiker said nothing in Skype that contradicted anything from his ToS, this actually helps my case - especially since no one has bothered to pull up his old thread to see what he promised. Here are a couple of screenshots of our conversation about updates: 1st and 2nd. It's ironic that he has parts outlined to prevent people from making him wait, a 2-month limit at that, but that wasn't what I wanted to address. The part I wanted to address was, "Normally I can fix bugs one at a time quickly." Now we're talking about a handful of bugs here, about 4+, but let's focus on the 2 bugs he supposedly fixed after this dispute was posted. I don't think an 8-month delay can be described as 'fixing bugs quickly', so right there he breaks his own agreement. He breaks this agreement multiple times, and I've already posted proof of it. If you're going to argue that he said "normally", he's been dodging bugs and disappearing for weeks, months, since day-one, so that's all that constitutes as 'normal' behavior. I'm not sure if you're trying to defend @Leespiker yourself, but that's what it's coming across as. He didn't even lift a finger to protect himself, and he still got away with murder. Speaking of which, I'm actually surprised by how many people came to his defense considering how inactive he is and how even his public scripts are reportedly in shambles, without updates for months or years also. You couldn't have been more blatant turning a blind eye.
  4. Please respond, @Usa.
  5. Likely my last response, but could you please respond to this, @Usa? I'm not getting what you mean by this. Those screenshots also show a 19-day period delay from September 18th to October 7th with absolutely no progress on my script. Normally, I may have agreed to this. However, if your vacation time spans an entire year, on-and-off, varying from 2-weeks to 2-months throughout - then no. This I don't understand. He deleted his original thread, so therefore he is free from the agreements outlined there? That's a great idea. Since there's currently no clear warnings or ways to avoid a scripter from fucking you over, until they already have, maybe there should be a sticky post. Since you can't leave negative feedback on this site, finding enough information to actually make a case can be difficult, or impossible -- especially for private scripting -- so that's a moot point. Also, nowhere does it say that this is acceptable and expected behavior. So after this dispute is long out of sight, the bugs are piling on-top of each other again and @Leespiker is nowhere to be found, would I be able to post my dispute again?
  6. I'm still waiting for someone to acknowledge my main concern. It hasn't even been mentioned yet - much less discussed. Did you gloss over this dispute and happened to miss my main concern, or is this somehow something I'm not allowed to complain about, @Usa? I feel like asking for some kind stability is a reasonable thing to ask, to try and prevent multiple 2-week, 3-week, 1-month or 2-month absences. So far, I've proposed a deal to @Leespiker that outlined a refund in the case that he continue to leave while the script needed work, as a way for him to keep to his promise that he wouldn't leave anymore. It was supposed to be negotiated, but a discussion didn't even come of it. It was refused outright. Because of that, and his incredibly slow progress on bugs, I post a dispute here. I state clearly that he goes missing quite often and sometimes for insane amounts of time. Since he does that, I say that I would not be able to run multiple accounts on a server with enough resources to run them because, more than likely, I'd be spending more money on an idle server than I'd be earning from the script. But as it stands, the current conclusion of this dispute is that he addressed my main issue by updating the script. This does not address my issue at all, and just misses the point. I'm trying to make sure that he doesn't go missing for weeks or months a time in the first place, which was the sole reason so many bugs were left undealt with for almost a year. In the case that a new bug occurs and significantly affects performance, I don't want to find out that @Leespiker decided to take a summer vacation and that I'd have to sit around for 2-months waiting for something I paid for to be fixed. Yet, after paying $500 for a personal script, that's exactly what I get time-after-time, and you might as well spit in my face. Fuck that. I can't stress enough how unacceptable that is, but you guys seem think it's perfectly fine. I either want a discussion about this and some kind of deal to help prevent it... or a refund. Stability is critical, and if you guarantee it, you should be required to own up to it.
  7. Since you've established that that are zero bugs in the script, I feel like I don't need to run it. And since there aren't any bugs in the script, you can finally add the rest of the features you left out. Ignoring that, I've already told you why I am not testing the script for you already. We are in the midst of a dispute, since all of my concerns have yet to be addressed.
  8. I made a dispute with multiple issues yet only one is being addressed, @Usa. That concern is only the result of the first and main concern I started this thread with, of which is being completely ignored. That main concern was the entire reason so many bugs went untouched and ignored for months in the first place, so I wanted insurance to prevent that from happening again, so frequently and for so long. If I can't get insurance, then the script cannot be maintained reliably. If the script is unreliable, then it can't be used. If I can't use the script, then I would like a refund. That issue is extremely unacceptable, but for some reason no one wants to acknowledge it. No discussion, compromise or even mention has taken place in this thread yet.
  9. Here's the thing... I have had to beg and plead for you to fix things and, even then, some things would be ignored because you didn't feel like fixing them... Yet here you are, trying to make yourself out as someone who just wants to work out the problems and co-operate. Wow. Unless you have anything else to add to this 'conversation', I believe this can be concluded here.
  10. It's really pathetic that I had to start a script dispute just to get my script fixed. The only reason you went out of your way to fix it, desperately going back through every single bug-report I've written and fixing the bugs that were previously ignored, is because you're under the pressure of the public eye. You have never done anything like that for me, nor would you have had I not started this. It pisses me off that you had the audacity to waste months of my time when you could've easily fixed ALL of those bugs within days. Even if ALL of the bugs are actually fixed, there is still all of the other issues I've listed against you. You have had multiple chances, @Leespiker... I am not giving you another one, and I don't feel like starting a script dispute every time I want my script fixed.
  11. You still want me to test the script for you, which I'm not going to do. I am disputing the current state of the script, so it wouldn't make any sense to help you progress the script. That would only aid you in looking better at this point. I'm not responding on Skype because we are still in the midst of a dispute. Let's keep the conversation here.
  12. While we wait for @Leespiker to return, I would like to offer additional information, context and clarification. I would like to make it clear that the absurdly long delays and frequent disappearances are nothing new. He is either travelling or busy almost constantly. This was going on since the get-go on the date of purchase and should have been an immediate red-flag. Two months in, and I was already beginning to see delays of 40 or 50 days. Then there's these delays, where I actually forgot that I asked for a refund early in April because of how often it was happening. Nothing came of it, and he continued to disappear and delay updates. More context: The two bugs I mentioned above caused misdirections/path errors and incorrect-timing of prayer activation/deactivation -- both of which were frequently responsible for a good portion of total deaths. Also, I was wrong in my 5-month estimate of the existence of these two bugs, if it makes any difference... it was actually over 8 months. Here is a pastebin page I made on January 30th that outlined all of the bugs from that date.
  13. Thank you for confirming my complaint of inactivity, @Leespiker. This dispute doesn't appear to be of much priority.
  14. Yes, the key-word here being "was." You said there wouldn't be any long delays in the near-future, and after you refused to discuss any means of negotiation, I gave you one, last chance. You failed. For context: After ending his 2-month absence, September 14 was the date he began fixing bugs again, and he seemed to be doing very well. However, only two bugs have been fixed since that date, and the last time he updated the script was on September 17. Here I would like to note that the two bugs that were fixed have been impeding the script for about 5 months, being included in almost every single bug-report that I've written, and were only fixed after I became upset about his absence - and were fixed within three days... I made it clear that I was (and still am) busy with school and work, and I even asked you to work on the other bugs in the times I was gone, because I didn't want you to wait until I was present to work on the script. You agreed. On September 24, you said, to what I can only assume means, that you were nearly finished fixing the rest of the bugs (from July 5th). Yet, I'm still waiting to hear what you've accomplished since the 19th of September.
  15. Script Author: @Leespiker Link to Script's Thread: Deleted Date Purchased: January 4, 2016 What type of duration did you purchase: Lifetime Proof that you have tried contacting the author about your issue(s): Screenshots: Context, Attempting to create a deal, Ignoring it, Refuses to agree or discuss alternative solutions, Last of 'discussion', Paypal transaction, Script info page Issue(s): Updates do not come reliably; scripter does not update script for weeks or months at a time. The most recent delay was 58 days, and the script was broken the entire time. I asked for a refund because of this, as having a scripter disappear for so long and often when a script breaks can waste a lot of money if you're using servers/proxies/membership with your bots. He refused to refund me or come to some sort of agreement that gave me insurance that he wouldn't disappear for so long, so frequently. Additionally, bugs repeatedly recorded and reported still exist from the first few months of the script's existence, and real effort is only put into fixing said bugs once I become upset. Features of the script that were agreed upon initially before the payment process have yet to be added, nine months later, mostly because he wanted to fix the current bugs before he added the rest -- which, obviously, has very little progress despite the months of available time. Finally, a part of the script was paid for by PayPal which I was told is not allowed.