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  1. i was wondering.. is it posible to sell sets ? like verac or guthans ?
  2. great script went from +- 2 till 15 mil in a few days. only thing i hate is that it doesn't show the item before someone gives the money
  3. [20:30:07] Downloading script 'Flawless Mercher'. [20:30:15] Script Started: Flawless Mercher. [20:30:15] Script Ended: Flawless Mercher.
  4. after other merch bot is disabled i tryed this and ... it so fast and great ! actualy to fast :$ , if some1 offers 76938 nature runes it anstandly offers the money haha , maybe add a thing so we can set trade offer to 1 sec or 2 or 3 etc etc ? edit: a few ppl called me a bot becouse of it please make a slide thing or somting so it isn't that fast with offering money/ item u want to sell
  5. go to settings and make sure the bot is in lte mode. for id use debug inventory and for name copy the name from zybez.
  6. bought 1 bond fast and easy , eventough im a noob in eoc and was lost haha ty violent
  7. What version were you running:2,7,2 What is your issue:see screenshoot, task was bloodcrawler How do you think it happened exactly: went downstairs and got error Severity rating (1-10): Percent of Occurrence[1-100%(How often does it happen?)]: 20%
  8. laggs with randoms , no idea why but also for a friend
  9. running atm , well keep updated with bugs etc it offered x fury , typed 1 and didn't press enter (did it myself)
  10. [21:26:14] Downloading script 'Auto Mercher Elite'. [21:26:17] Script Started: Auto Mercher Elite. [21:26:17] null [21:26:23] Script Ended: Auto Mercher Elite.
  11. What version were you running: 2,6,4 What is your issue: error i get below How do you think it happened exactly: but is at bank , opens bank and then get error Severity rating (1-10): Percent of Occurrence[1-100%(How often does it happen?)]: 100% with me atm [22:29:55] Script Started: Mute AIOSlayer.[22:30:27] Enabled all randoms.[22:30:44] java.lang.NullPointerException[22:30:44] at scripts.AIOSlayer.jc(AIOSlayer.java:5665)[22:30:44] at scripts.AIOSlayer.sf(AIOSlayer.java:6618)[22:30:44] at scripts.AIOSlayer.ub(AIOSlayer.java:2365)[22:30:44] at scripts.AIOSlayer.SC(AIOSlayer.java:7569)[22:30:44] at scripts.AIOSlayer.DB(AIOSlayer.java:5776)[22:30:44] at scripts.AIOSlayer.run(AIOSlayer.java:6879)[22:30:44] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)[22:30:45] Script Ended: Mute AIOSlayer.
  12. just saw it buys 1 and sells 1 , but i found a way around it just put in a random id that doesn't exist and it keeps buying
  13. thanks:D testing atm i have an idea , would it good if u could add how to name a item when spamming ? so instaid it says: buying amulet of fury 3m!! xxxxxxxx it only says ''fury'' same as abysal whip but only whip ? edit : buying works , is there anyway to make mouse a little bit faster ?
  14. ya a bug in selling , btw when buying it trades player, offer x , but doesn't type number and just accept without money
  15. im interested if it buys 1 item or until monney is gone , lets say i have 100mil and im setting it up to buy bandos chest for 8,5 mil and sell for 9mil would it first buy as much as it can and then sell them or.. ?
  16. bought 20 fury's manualy with autotalker , lets see if he sells good
  17. i have a problem , it doesn't buy for me but goes strait into selling mode, eventhough i don't have the items yet haha
  18. randoms are by client ontopic the banking is messed up , it doesn't scroll but just get stuck and does nothing
  19. im sure this is a great script but it's getting out of control imo.. so much stupid ppl ''buying noted sharks 900 ea'' , ''buying all noted obby capes xx ea '' , i even saw some stupid guy ''buy all noted nature runes...'' if u bot please use normal prices.... and don't typ ''noted''.... like why would you use this bot and buy noted whips as low as 1,5 ea when there are ppl buying for 1,65 ??... , just use your minds there are like 15 ppl buying and selling whips in w1 atm with this script .... and to the guy that is trying to sell a single whip for 1,8 mil for the last 3 hours..... ur wasting ur time
  20. What version were you running: 2.3.8 What is your issue: not going in slayer tower th How do you think it happened exactly: it get some errors in the client itself Severity rating (1-10): Percent of Occurrence[1-100%(How often does it happen?)]: 100% i opened gem so u know what slayer task i had ..! [14:30:43] Downloading script 'Mute AIOSlayer'. [14:30:54] Script Started: Mute AIOSlayer. [14:41:31] java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 1 [14:41:31] at scripts.AIOSlayer.k(AIOSlayer.java:5188) [14:41:31] at scripts.AIOSlayer.Hd(AIOSlayer.java:10269) [14:41:31] at scripts.AIOSlayer.KD(AIOSlayer.java:9720) [14:41:31] at scripts.AIOSlayer.Lg(AIOSlayer.java:7379) [14:41:31] at scripts.AIOSlayer.Dc(AIOSlayer.java:5598) [14:41:31] at scripts.AIOSlayer.run(AIOSlayer.java:6691) [14:41:31] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) [14:41:32] Script Ended: Mute AIOSlayer.
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