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  1. Is there a way to create an offer based on default values?
  2. You don't. Tribot is a desktop botting client, not a mobile botting client.
  3. A bit hacky but it works for now, thanks!
  4. So I'd have to get the area of the "OK" button by pixels? There's no better way of doing this? What do you mean "offset it by a point"?
  5. I'm sorry for not being clear, but i'm not talking about the login bot. I already disabled that and using Tribot's Login api. But calling the method Login.login() does not login when the screen "Account has been locked" is present. Is there a way to handle logins when an account is locked manually? As in have the mouse click "ok" when the "Account has been locked" screen is present, and then login with a new account?
  6. I'm writing a script to try and automate account logins. Occasionally an account gets locked and I want to login with a fresh account. When the account gets locked Login.login() does not hit back from the "Account locked as we suspect it has been stolen" screen. I've also tried Login.logout() and it seems there's no interfaces for the login screen. Can anyone help please?
  7. Unfortunately it still behaves the same
  8. Recently Jagex reported issues about servers being attacked and servers going down, so they rate limited world hopping https://support.runescape.com/hc/en-gb/articles/360007071077--UPDATED-28-Mar-RuneScape-and-Old-School-login-issues Issues started back in feb 4th
  9. Unfortunately there's no way to grab email/username information from tribot's api due to security reasons.
  10. I created a script and even though i set login bot state to false it still tries to login when the bog logs out. This could be because i'm running the script on a separate thread. The main thread is used to monitor the bot for any inconsistencies. Anyone know how to fix this?
  11. WebWalking is notoriously buggy. You can either use daxwalker or you can build your own paths and walk through it. Unfortunately tribot has no intentions of fixing webwalking anytime soon
  12. As much as i'm a bit disappointed by this, I appreciate the courteous reply. I would think WebWalking would be a pretty high priority due to it being a core necessity for a wide array of scripts, but alright I'll hardcode the paths if that's the case. Thank you
  13. I've been using Tribot for a while now and i've had consistent issues with WebWalking. Will there be any development to fix it? Or is this just me having issues? I know I can use DaxWalker, but the public key is rate limited so it's not ideal for bot farming.
  14. Just recently completed tutorial island and was about to throw away my notes for all the varp values for tutorial island. Since tutorial island is a common starting point for many scripters, as well as have a relatively high demand for account creation, I figured i'd just throw it in here in case anyone wants it. The number is the varp value followed by a short description of what it expects you to complete. Cheers Game Setting 281 1 customize player (Name selector and outfit picker) 2 Talk to Gielinor (Continue until option 2 which is for noob player) 3 Open Options menu 7 Talk to gielinor again 10 Moving on walk out the damn door 20 Talk with Survival Chick (Survival Expert) 30 open inventory 40 fish at fishing spot 50 open skills tab 60 talk to survival chick again 70 cut tree 80 build fire 90 cook shrimp 120 exit gate to chef's house (gate at 3090 3092) 130 walk in chef's house through door (3079, 3084) 140 Talk to Master Chef (Space through that shiet) 150 Make dough by using water bucket to flour pot 160 use dough on furnace 170 Exit chef's house through back door (3073, 3090) 200 Run to quest guy house (3086, 3126) 220 talk to quest guide run through dialogue 230 open quest book 240 talk to quest guide (Space through that shit) 250 go to basement (Climb down ladder) 260 talk to Mining Instructor (Space through that mother fuucker) 300 Mine tin 310 mine copper 320 click furnace 330 talk to mining instructor 340 click anvil 350 smith dagger 360 go to combat instructor through door (3094, 9503) 370 talk with combat instructor (space through) 390 open equipment tab 400 open equipment stats 405 equip dagger 410 exit interface and talk with combat instructor (space through) 420 Equip wood shield and bronze sword 430 open combat options 440 enter rat pit (3111, 9518) 450 attack rat and kill the damn thing 460 wait for rat to die 470 exit pit and talk with combat instructor (space through it) 480 Equip bow and arrow and attack rat 490 bowing rat down VICIOUSLY! >:L 500 exit pit at ladder (3111, 9525) 510 go to and open bank 520 close bank and use poll booth (Space through that) 525 close poll both interface and exit bank door at (3124, 3124) 530 talk with Account guide (Space through it super sanic) 531 open Account Management tab 532 talk to account guide (space through it) 540 Exit door (3130, 3124) 550 run to chapel and talk with Brother Brace 560 open prayer book 570 talk with brother brace (Getting tired so power through all dialogue unless further noticed) 580 open friends list 600 Talk with brace 610 exit chapel through door (3122, 3102) 620 Walk to mage's house and talk to magic instructor 630 open spell book 640 talk with mage instructor 650 slap a chicken with some of dat wind 670 talk to wizard guy and continue when an option comes along hit "Yes." or option 1 then continue space 1000 DONE!
  15. Check your Java Version and make sure you're running Java 8. If you are, did you try restarting Tribot?
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