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  1. I am using the Login.login(username, password) method to login, but once login hits the welcome screen the mouse just goes to the top right of the screen and clicks occasionally. Anyone have a fix or know what is wrong with it?
  2. Learning by scripting doesn't just promote bad practices but it also limits your scope of learning. If you start with scripting and learn java along the way you'll develop bad coding practices stated previously but it's not JUST that. You'll also limit you capabilities of knowledge and what you can actually do. Because of this it will limit not only your programming skills but the potential your scripts can reach in the future. From reading through the comments it seems you are the very beginner just starting since you don't know the difference between Javascript and Java. In the coding world design means a LOT so these coding practices aren't something to be taken lightly.
  3. Eclipse and IntelliJ are both different IDE meaning Integrated Development Environment. Think of this as an EXTREEEEEMELY fancy text editor that allows you to code compile and a bunch of other features rather than a simple notepad. This means that Eclipse and IntelliJ are both pretty much the same, but Eclipse is a bit more closed in my opinion. It's centralized mostly around Java and is restricted a lot to what you can actually do with it vs IntelliJ. But if all you want to do is script and don't really intend to explore programming in a larger picture than just keep with Eclipse for simplicity.
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