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  1. Do people actually buy Blue Dragon Scales? I don't see that many offers on zybez
  2. Strength Potions still are weird and buggy, Also, I actually died today. I don't know how as I was not babysitting it but my character did die. (Not too bad considering I ran it for a total of 50+ hours and only died one)
  3. Been botting with this script for a long time now this week and during "the ban wave". I'm pretty sure it's been running for a solid 70+ hours with no breaks and only stops when the script fails or RS updates. I have a pic of it running for 36 hours! (could've been 42 hours) if RS didn't update. Still going strong and almost done reaching my goal! Knock on wood that I don't get a ban D:
  4. Just sold 150M rs 07 gold. Very fast, friendly, and efficient! Vouch!
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