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  1. Thanks for the update I've been loving this script! Thank you for everything you do, I really appreciate it.
  2. Glad to hear I'm not the only one with problems. I'll start the script on the login screen, it'll type my username and password, and then it will try to right click the "click here to play" and get stuck on this screen.
  3. Do I need VIP to run this script or anything? Also how is this with the latest update and tribot slightly broken?
  4. Hey bro, do you play overwatch? I think I was just in a match with you
  5. I didn't get mine extended... is there a chance the system/operation missed some people? I had VIP-E and several scripts.
  6. Yeah - Will we be getting new script codes or an extension or a reimbursement? I didn't have access to the script for at least half the time of the two weeks when every other bot was up. I would gladly purchase this several more times if I were to get one, but if not I'm out of here
  7. It's just silly. I probably will look elsewhere for scripts. I would stay and purchase a fuckload more if they compensated my scripts
  8. Right bro? I'm fucking pissed... we better get compensated for that
  9. Aeven

    The downtime

    That's fucked, and I hope the scripters can somehow give away free auths for x duration if they can't extend a current one... I can only imagine the amount of pissed off customers if a scripter denies an extension. You scripters should talk to the admins... They're making you look wicked bad and they are the sole reason this forum/bot is alive.
  10. This is my first time at TriBot during a Runescape update... I'm wicked worried my fellow forum bruskis... If this is how TriBot handles every update I'm out of here. This is wicked unprofessional and frankly disgusting. All the scripters/moderators/admins are hush hush and honestly in my book I considered them disappeared without a trace. So my question is.... Will the TriBot team, or does the TriBot team abandon ship every update like they did with this one? I'm honestly a little skeptical if it'll even ever get fixed rofl... And I feel WICKED bad for the scripters... They are the sole reason we are here (why would we come here if we couldn't even bot or use scripts lol?) and the owners/admins are putting them in a WICKED bad light despite all they do. I think they deserve more respect than this imho.... at least come on the forum for two minutes and make a damn post telling us the bot will be updated but might take x weeks or that the bot will never be updated if that's the case Really just kinda sad... All the scripters are going to have to deal with people like me who think they should be respectful and give us an extension if we don't have lifetime scripts
  11. I don't see the problem with compensating users and adding x days to their VIP and scripts where x is the amount of days the bot was down... doesn't that only seem fair? Of course, though, they are free to choose not to compensate us. My question now, is: What do you think of a company who replaces the ice cream cone of a child whose scoop fell off the top? In this scenario it doesn't matter who is at fault, the ice cream stand will replace that child's cone for free (I own a stand and we do this) - it's just good business and good human moral. Sometimes the scoop will fall because of the child (client), sometimes because of the middleman(TriBot Company), or sometimes because of the creator (Jagex). No matter the case, the scoop will be replaced and compensated.
  12. Honest question: will we be compensated or refunded for the downtime of the bot and our scripts? I purchased two scripts and VIP-E and have spent a lot of time waiting and not making use of it because of this.
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