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  1. The accounts need a IGN before it can acces rs07.
  2. ban rates on your script?
  3. If my purschased IP has been flagged, can I swap for a new one? Because I got banned today on this new IP from you guys, only a 2 day ban though. Have been running flawlessly 5 days, suicide botting 20 hours/day
  4. Got same problem sometimes
  5. Gonma buy this and try it out for a month in the near future.
  6. so what stats are the best for a secure steady profit? maxed stakers it just cant be, odds for them is 50/50
  7. How much money you make on hosting this?
  8. So it really doesnt matter if my account is 43 prayer? all i really need is some stats and fighting weapond?
  9. I have no responsibility on bans after our TRADE is finished and transfered. All bans after trade is not my problem. For your own safety. After pruchased accounts, start PLAYING on them directly. Buying an account that have recently done the tut island usually gets banned if there's no activity on the accounts. A good way in this case is actually to bot directly on them. The accounts come with: - The accounts can have choosen RSN and username/email. (Under certain circumstances) - Original IP when created - No eMail attached - Random names and login - All handmade operated - Different IP for every 5 accounts created (or new order=new ip) PRICES: 11< - 100k ea - $0.33ea 12 accounts - 1m - $3 20 accounts - 1.5m - $4.5 30 accounts - 2m - $6 Order form: How many accounts are you buying? Have you added me on skype? Do you accept the T.O.S? Don't waste your time on creating accounts, let someone else do it for you. PAYMENT METHODS: 07gp or PP Add my skype to purchase. [eachpennyissomething]
  10. Delete this double post topic please.
  11. Make one!
  12. Sounds great. Do you want me to try it out and give tips and probably buy it?
  13. Damn man... Thought about football or hockey or something?
  14. I've used xWildy on rsbot for like 3 years before eoc release. I can tell you that I made 100's, if not 1000's of millions by running looters in PK worlds. And if there are bots, they are private. If the bot would be released free, every1 would use it and ruin wildy, ban rates for looters would be higher, it'd be harder to get any profit and there are 100's of millions of reasons to make it a paid script if it's on the market. And where did you find that $50+ number?