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  1. Think this might need an update. Should be able to start from lumb right?
  2. This script is like JFrost dragons script back in 2010. If you know you know.
  3. Hey dear tribot. Used this script pretty much as much as I could, untill I encounted several deaths because the script hops to pvp worlds and loses wealth, probably worth alot more than I payed for this script. Anyways, been trying to get an answer from him, and the script haven't been updated in months. All I am saying here is, I'd rather put the credits on a crab script that works, with updates. It's a premium script, and I expect that from a prem.
  4. As topic says I'm selling my 90 day membership card for runescape bought for the worldwide price of $22. Selling it for $20 worth of rs07gp! I'm selling this one away ASAP for 07gp (2.5$ea mill=8.m=$20). Why do I want 07gp and not paypal? To be honest my paypal is locked atm because I've been using Cyberghost's VPS service and each time I logg in I'm in a new country, it's one hell of a struggle right now with paypal... So basically I bought this card as an exhnage for paypal when it's down atm. As usual skype: eachpennyissomething Cheers EDIT: I'd also accept a bond (1.2m) in the buy price if you have one! That'd be great!
  5. so what stats are the best for a secure steady profit? maxed stakers it just cant be, odds for them is 50/50
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