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  1. offer closed, please feel free to PM me with 1.22$/m rates, ill buy usually 20m+
  2. I've bought before and will only go first to trusted members. If I'm sent to a site by a trusted member I'm going to need a quote for a rate of 1.22$/m, not going to pay higher.
  3. Bought the script for a month to make ruby bracelets at neitiznot Having no problems with the script getting me decent xp but it's stunted by a little bank flaw It withdrawals 13 gold bars then exits the bank before withdrawing the rubies but right after exiting it realizes there's no gems in the inventory so it corrects itself, it happens every time. Getting 71k xp per hour and I'm alching the bracelets for minimal loss so for what it's worth this script is great. I hope you can make a quck fix ! thanks for the script
  4. Sometime's I get stuck in between my altar and my burner and it doesnt click the burner to light it after it has one lit. Also, it sometimes clicks too fast to light a burner and ends up relighting the same burner with two herbs and then it just sits by my altar wondering why it has no herbs and only one lit burner Haven't even ran for an hour and these problems occured twice each for a total of 4 script restarts
  5. I've got a void ranger that I'm botting slayer on, I want to camp turoth for those herbs and decent range xp. My stats are 46/48/44/79 being range and can't wear leaf bladed spear (thank god) I just want to use broad bolts and rcb instead cause i dont want defence xp, any way around this? The bot goes out and buys leaf bladed spear and tries to wield it
  6. I've gotten 1-83 agil on a new account (10 days old) and 1-80 on another account that was a month old, took me about 3 days of botting and no bans.
  7. i think it was misclicking some strong arm npcs and ive got 1 defence and 28 hp lol ive only done witchs house and no combat training, I'm having no problems now at rellekka rooftop gonna post a proggie when i decide to get off my pc.
  8. No prevail. Computer updated and rebooted to test while botting and now after the reboot and reloading client I'm having the problem once more. All this xp waste
  9. Every day this happens for about 15 minutes. This is the only device I have a tribot account logged in on and client open. I then try to get a script running and this message comes up. There is no other scripts running obviously and only one tab open. Why does this happen? How can I fix it? I know i have to close out of the tab and close client through the 'file' tab on the client but sometimes the client will crash or some bs will happen where i need to close and restart the client and boom this annoying ass error message. More annoyingly, the fucking error message opens up a browser to setup vip purchase even if you hit the X in the corner rather than clicking 'ok' Inb4 wait 15 mins - No Inb4 get VIP - 200$ in prem scripts I'm ok
  10. Plenty, check out the black market im sure some of the sponsored members offer swaps for a little fee or even free.
  11. [00:53:18] Script Started: aAgility [Premium].[00:53:24] Disabled random solver: COMBATRANDOM.[00:59:09] We are attempting to solve the Dismissible Random random.[00:59:12] We successfully solved the Dismissible Random random.[01:26:12] Ended up in Lumbridge somehow! Logging out![01:26:19] Log out was successful! Just died with food in inventory, correct food selected in gui. Didn't ring of life because it had done so last time.. just lost 300 tokens and full graceful. EDIT: Died again after getting 30 marks at pollnivneach trying to get my fucking set back. Livid now since i see im in lumbridge with ring of life and 2 tuna and tuna was selected as food, wtf is going on? aaaand again, seriously am i getting ags'd in the desert or something? I've lost every single graceful token this script has ever gotten me
  12. How much u need : 5m 07 Added me (yes/no):yes edit: Bought ! took less than 10 mins thanks !
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