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  1. It might be a looking glass thing, I dont use LG and have ran the script for 2 - 3 hour sessions. Only once when a break handler break started it stopped for some reason.
  2. Do you have breaks enabled? Did the crash perhaps happen just after a break started or stopped?
  3. A niche script for alching would probably never make premium. Not to mention that I'm not a premium scripter yet. Maybe I will upgrade this to an AIO magic script later.
  4. An idea: you could add options to choose which walker to use, such as dax's or tribot's own. Then the user can figure out what works there.
  5. Two of my accounts also got stuck at "Get key print" task while having already taken the print. Both unstucked once I clicked on the woman NPC again to open talk dialog and then the script realized it already had the print.
  6. I havent tested it with looking glass since the feature doesnt work at all on my PC. Try disabling LG or running on a PC with a better CPU. I might add an option later to disable the paint effects in order to reduce CPU consumption.
  7. v1.13: The script now tries to use tribot's default webwalking if dax's webwalking fails
  8. Sometimes it tries to reset aggro right when you start the script, just let it do its thing. I have been running this at Rellekka East crabs for at least 30 hours total on my accounts and never had it get stuck as long as the webwalker is working.
  9. Otherwise flawless but the walking when banking at lumbridge range is really weird. Every time it walksjust south of the bank wall before going for the stairs.
  10. I didnt happen to catch a screenshot or the debug. But I have had 2 characters stuck there until I manually clicked the coffin, and then when the coffin closes the bot clicks it again and goes forward with the quest. So I'm 90% certain that it only detects one of the coffin states.
  11. When doing restless ghost it SOMETIMES gets stuck when trying to click the coffin and then talk to ghost. I think its because of the coffin being open/closed and the bot is only scripted for one of those possibilities (different ID?).
  12. I guess he means the lack of spamclicking / missclicks which the api doesnt automatically implement, or does it? I'm not sure. Anyway I just wanted to add that the ban I got at seers was "Bot Busting" type which to my understanding means that I got manually banned by a moderator? So maybe they just heavily observe seers village.
  13. After switching my bots to make money via crafting gold amulets using this script, they all got banned the following day. Most likely this script does something detectable. Perhaps not using the make-all option or something.
  14. Yeah I also tried making amulets and noticed that it looks very botlike since there is Make-All option too now
  15. Are you using looking glass? Fixed mode? Is the GUI window closing when you press start or does nothing happen? I'm running the script right now and even tested alching rune arrows and its running fine. I pushed my newest development version too if I happened to have a different version than the one in the repository.
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