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  1. Look Glass problem/question

    [21:17:16] java.nio.file.AccessDeniedException: C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre1.8.0_45\lib\security\java.policy Guessing that's the problem... any ideas?
  2. Look Glass problem/question

    you mind linking me? if i knew where i wouldve looked there lol
  3. Look Glass problem/question

    Sup guys, Im running an open client on Internet explorer but the Looking Glass client just says "searching for client". Any ideas?
  4. Vip-E

    Thanks Mates
  5. Vip-E

    Yo lookin to buy extended VIP. Currently have VIP. Wondering if there's any way to UPGRADE from normal to extended AKA not paying the full 8 bucks. If the answers no ill move this to suggestions thread because it seems dumb there there is no way to do that. Ex if u have 20 days on normal pay the 1.50 difference or even 3 dollars to make those remaining days VIP - E
  6. says out of food and then logs out. Yes the correct food is selected and its in the top row.
  7. Occasionally misclicks Karamja teleport instead of edgeville on the last charge of the glory. Can you please implement a failsafe so it teleports to lummy using home tele and then goes to bank for a charged glory? Also one of the bots randomly was at Juliet's house next to west v bank.. no clue..
  8. Doing Quests and Powerleveling check it out at EasyGoldStop :)!

  9. thought about this as well but then again that would mean that banning bots requires a human worker... yea sometimes they actually do send a mod in and look for an intelligent response but i've had 1 of those encounters like 1 and a half year ago. I think its more automated now with a computer recognizing certain traits or patterns in an account that qualify it as "botting" and then they ban that way. But to be safe, in all truth, it cant HARM you it can only help.
  10. Worker Needed [1-2 Workers Needed]

  11. Buying 15 Credits if anyone's selling

  12. Is it safe to bot

    ^ Yea if you wana get your account banned run rock crabs / wood cutting for 10 hours. I garen - tee it!
  13. Is it safe to bot

    why do you want a combat bot when u can afk guthans @ nightmare. lol
  14. Is it safe to bot

    safe = not getting banned? no, no bot is safe in that manner. i dont mean to sound rude or harsh but if you're looking for a cheesy way to make money that involves no risk then good luck. a better question would be, is botting worth it? well now that just depends on how good of a bot you have and what task it's doing.