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  1. ok why isn't this working?
  2. i downloaded the java still wont work
  3. Downloaded it and still doesnt work..
  4. Could care less
  5. http://services.runescape.com/m=forum/forums.ws?317,318,464,65309304 According to the above, jamflax plans to take us to special worlds. Nty jamflax I had the idea, and maybe the client developers already thought of this, to make it so the bot detects that it is not in the correct world, log out, and back in to it's original world or whatever. Have the client only have the 'select world' world option under new client so that the bot knows which world it was previously in before being taken to the 'special world' Just a thought because I was really concerned Logout better be faster than instantaneous :L
  6. damn
  7. Only came cause i saw "FREE" but nothing on here is "FREE" >_>
  8. Yea they did. Don't know if anyone will bother making a new script, but doesn't hurt to look.