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  1. If you're gonna use that script, or any abyss script on a main account then prepared to get banned.
  2. b-b-b-b-but trilez needs to make more money though. he needs a living too ya know
  3. I remember in your beta-testing, a high lvl account had gotten banned (110+). Was it because he was using this script or due to another reason? Also did anyone else get banned after that?
  4. Yeah I had totally forgotten about the web-walking issues that TB had faced. I think Tril fixed it in the recent .03 update so hopefully everything is going well with you and Eric. I hope you give some sort of a cheaper price for only 1 auth.
  5. Is there a rough ETA you can put on this? I know its the hardest script out there haha so its ok if you cant say.
  6. I would love to give the debug but it spams combat random disabled every 2 seconds so it fills up the the entire debug with that.
  7. Btw now overloads are not working properly. It overloads okay the first few doses but after that, once the overload effect wears off it just rock cakes from 5x hp to 2hp
  8. 2 scripters vs 1 , obviously we know who the winner is
  9. Yes it's for all attack styles; See the green bar? It's not accurate compared to the whole red bar, it should be around 1/3 green for the amount of experience it has left till the next level.
  10. Thanks for the quick update Texan! There's one more thing which doesn't make sense to me however it isn't really much of a problem. It is the exp bar which shows the red/green color that indicates the progress till the next level. Say you are training str/att/def, and you've got only a few thousand exp left till the next level, the bar will be 1/3 green, when in fact it should be atleast 90% green. Do you understand what I'm saying? Like I said, it's not a big problem since the TTL is there and its accurate.
  11. Script is broken. Can't run more than an hour with getting screwed up by the log-in bot.
  12. That bug is still there when you are dharoking and after the overload effects wears off, say you are around 53-55 hp, the bot will click on the rockcake 2-3 times and then on the overload which then kills you. Can you make it somehow click the overload once the effect wears off and then wait until the 50 damage is done by the overload after that it starts using the rockcake?
  13. same thing happening with me edit: worked after a few mins
  14. Well Woodcutting has a really low-ban rate as well as flax picking. You could try fishing on multiple accounts but its really up to you.
  15. Damn Wassup those proggys are sexy as fuck. I'm getting wet just looking at them. edit: any chance of increasing the chests/ph? I could usually hammer out 8-9 chests an hour if I play manually. Since it's a bot, I wouldn't expect it to get more than 8. So a range of 6-8 should be really decent.