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  1. I'm interested in beta testing, would actively update you on the status/bugs when I use it EDIT: Oh no, just saw its closed lol at least I tried :x
  2. @Montreal Ah alright thanks, but regarding to I were to open a browser with proxy for the bot & use my main IP for OSbuddy to play legitly, does the two accounts/IPs associate with each other? Will Jagex able to see them linked to each other?
  3. @leidenfrostx Yes I know you can only use Sock5 proxy with TRiBot, what I meant was when creating the accounts you can use either HTTP OR SOCK5 proxies, I want to know if there is any difference in them. Thanks.
  4. Hello, as mentioned by TRiLeZ in his "Tutorial for Safe Botting" to avoid "IP Flagging" If you are using a proxy, you should also never login to the RuneScape website (or client) using your main IP. If you do, your account will be associated with your main IP.Does this mean if you were to open a browser with proxy to create new accounts while playing on say OSbuddy legitly, does this associate both of the "main IP" & proxy together? Also another quick question when you guys create new accounts do you use browsers and which browsers/proxy type you guys use? (Sock5 or HTTP) Many thanks in advanced!
  5. @Flax Is it possible to connect via vncviewer for iOs btw? I'm getting this weird error "Too many authentication failures"...even though I only connected to it once until I close it to connect again...any idea why? UPDATE: Seems like its because too many attempts from connection elsewhere lol, Isreal, Nederlands, USA, ChIna. Any idea how to block them or remove the login attempts? Its annoying having to restart all the tribot clients for LG everytime I connect to the VPS
  6. @TRiLeZ Thanks TRiLeZ! but on a sidenote, does tribot & say osbuddy share the same cached file of oldschool runescape?
  7. So I made several "fresh accounts" after previous few got banned...and did the usual level few levels across different skills...hours later tried logging in and all disabled lol ~5 accounts all made on proxy...I have come to the conclusion either all IPs were flagged or the client have become detectable..Used to bot alot and upon returning to botting this happened :x Things to note: -All were on different proxy -Made on different browser (Using HTTP) -Emails were different domain too -Ran through tutorial island manually They were all F2P , yes I know P2P have less bans but my previous accounts (P2P) were just banned within few days of creation too...was trying to figure out why the bans occured so fast...Anyone have similar experience or any ideas to prolong the account lifespan by much can share if you don't mind. Thanks!
  8. @Flax Wow thats awesome, btw you know if you run multiple instance of osbuddy and use LG & proxy on the client, does it associate with each other? since osbuddy dont have any proxy or anything
  9. @Flax Java is included in the install? Also what else do I need if I were to want to run Looking Glass on it?
  10. @benosborne Dont mind if I ask where did you trained the accs? Any quests done on it? Approx how many days old acc?
  11. @benosborne lol just happened to me before, nothing special here...seems like they ban accounts which have too much playtime and been at popular botted areas within hours of creation...
  12. @daxmagex Can this script drink antipoison if poisoned btw?
  13. EDIT: Got it solved, this can be closed. Thanks guys for the help!
  14. @Dukat Oh turns out I have the add/remove software thing but how and which do I install then? And no thanks..other than the expensive VPSes it also have other problems for botting VPS lol. Tried it before..