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  1. The script is functioning flawlessly for me; his problem has nothing to do with the scripter's activity.
  2. Jezzur


    Switch to left-click combat in-game?
  3. https://tribot.org/forums/topic/35220-abcl-5-the-motherlode-miner-55-accounts-100k-275k-ghhr-dragon-pickaxe-special-1-31-mining-trainer-included/
  4. Jezzur


    inb4 "Keep all ban talk to the official thread."
  5. Divica will be active in <1 hour.
  6. Nothing occurs when I click 'Start plundering!' Edit: Fixed.
  7. How do i stop the script from dropping my pickaxe when it's using mouskey dropping and I'm not wielding the pickaxe? Edit: I've moved the pickaxe to several different slots. I think the script hates my D pick.
  8. Jezzur


    Why are we unable to neg a post? It makes sense to have both +ve and -ve, doesn't it?
  9. Go to the Black Market section and buy credits for 07GP from someone trusted. Then you'll be able to pay for this script with credits.
  10. Jezzur

    No More Randoms?

    I don't see how this would entirely be a good thing. Wouldn't they only remove randoms if they had a solid anti-bot technology in place so they don't need to rely on randoms?
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