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  1. Just like to say that this Collector is flawless, i had a collector for a method i had done privately with him. The bot would log into the area it needed to be in and would trade my other bots and receive the items and give out items perfectly. The ban rate is like any mule aswell, pretty much nothing to worry about. You MUST buy this if you're running a huge farm, trust me when i say you won't regret it.
  2. FINALLY GOT A PAINT, FIRST PROGGIE IS UP (Its only a little one)
  3. Still waiting on the paint man but i got 12/16 accounts banned last night gotta make some new ones.
  4. You need to either have a premium script or have vip to run the free scripts.
  5. all my life i've been the really tall skinny kid, i eat ALOT but i legit cannot put any weight on. So i was wondering if anyone had some advice as to which foods i should be focusing on. I'm 6ft 6 and i weigh 70KG's Thank youuuuuuuuuuuu
  6. https://tribot.org/forums/topic/31417-despicable-daves-journeys-make-bank/ I've already started man just waiting on a nice paint.
  7. Thank you everyone. My private script is complete and going well, all im waiting on is a nice paint now and the thread will be filled with proggies
  8. Doubt there's a list man. Im assuming you're going to make something to avoid them so they can't mute you?
  9. Updates 4/03/2014 - Due to a recent banning i wont be running to many accounts for now seeing as i can't find someone who does a decent rate for swapping -.-
  10. Despicable Dave's Journeys $$ Make Bank $$ Objective Make as much GP/$$ as possible from botting and botting alone. Goals Profit at least $50 per day [ ] Have 25 accounts botting [ ] Profit at least $100 per day [ ] Have 50 accounts botting [ ] Print screen one of my bots getting 99 in a skill and post it on Reddit with the title "GF Jagex" [ ] Set Up I will be running multiple VPS's, i usually have 8 bots per server. They are a 2GB Ram 2x Intel Xeon 2.6Ghz VPS's. I will also not be using proxies for a little while as im trying something else that kind of does the same thing. Status: Up and Running Accounts Running: 5 Total Profit Made: 875k Total Number of Bans: Notes I will not be sharing my method as i am using a Private Script so please don't ask. Also i am here to help with anything you may need whether its a botting problem or anything just ask. Proggies
  11. Yeah dude, it got banned cause i was using it on another Script not because master get banned easily or anything
  12. - Update- Due to the stupid banwave last night all my accounts got banned haha but i was speaking to my scripter today and he thinks i can get my private script for a new method done by Monday. It will be on a new thread that i will make once everything is complete. It'll also be on a mass scale 50+ Accounts so if you're interested keep a look out for my next update with the link to the thread
  13. Your VPS? haha.
  14. Personally, yes. Only because i could make bank off the G.E