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  1. Yeah dude, i was thinking the same thing. Edit: I tell them via skype how long it should take.
  2. BUMP Confirmed and thank you
  3. If we have the same issue it will finish loading and will come up saying "Tribot will now start" and all that stuff but it doesn't actually show up but it's still 100% running, i checked the cpu and memory. Tried re-installing java and the client but no luck.
  4. Im having the exact same trouble but on Centos 5 x86
  5. BUMP Accepted you dude
  6. BUMP! Taking customers
  7. Thread has been updated with new packages!
  8. This legit pissed me off so much, It's not Old School related but still i need to share this moment. My 2 daily spins and i got trolled with the lamps instead of the 200m twice!
  9. I've had this trouble to but it's only every now and then, but what i do is just restart the client and i'm good to go
  10. Bump Looking for a couple more people, nearly at Acension Cbow's and what not which will increase profits by a bit Add me on skype if you're interested.
  11. BUMP Taking customers, Add my skype.
  12. Explain what further exactly?
  13. Thank you, Sekirei
  14. What does it say exactly? Are you typing in your Username/Pass?