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  1. I created 5 accounts on 5 different IPs... Permaban about 5 minutes after getting off the island. I didn't do anything wrong, made the accounts on the 5 ips too... I didn't do anything "terribly stupid". EDIT: Something is obviously wrong with this script.
  2. Bonds are sold for around 1.2m OSRS which is about $3 a pop.
  3. title says it all, shoot me a pm. or a comment only using trusted sellers.
  4. He also scammed me $15... Too lazy to post proof though.
  5. Looking for a little under 5m added you on skype.
  6. I attempted to purchase 8 credits with my credit card, and it said credit card declined, checked my statements and it not only charged my once, but twice... about 24 hours later, still, no credits, no vip extended... I would like one of those $8 back and I would like 8 credits. I sent in a support ticket... no response yet. What should I do? Edit: I think it charged 3 times now... not sure.
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