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  1. According to that error message, you are running multiple scripts. If you have any other instances(windows) of Tribot running, you should close them and try again.
  2. Allocate more memory per TRiBOT instance. Change the value in the Heap Size input field.
  3. Don't forget to null check!
  4. Purchasing credits is usually instant for me. However if you pay with an email that isn't linked to your Tribot account, Tribot will refund you for the payment.
  5. You do not extract Tribot. TRiBOT comes in the form of an executable Jar. On windows or mac you can simply double click this file to run it. On other operating systems you can run the loader with this command: java -jar TRiBot_Loader.jar
  6. Yoloooooooooooo. I'm waiting to see what spartan is like.
  7. I can help you with this. Sent you a PM on skype.
  8. This script gets stuck in the varrock rooftop course, and sometimes in al-kharid. Here is the graphical glitch in action: It appears as if the player is inside the house, when actually he is one space outside it.
  9. Bump! Open for Questing!
  10. Hey sniper! Glad to see you here mate.
  11. Nice! Grats man
  12. Sold.
  13. I could help, add my skype. (live:CompileTime)
  14. Jagex probably can detect external clients, but I've been using a custom client of mine(sort of like orion, it uses a combination of reflection/injection) and I still haven't been banned. So I know they won't ban on that alone.