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  1. also the mouse moves sooooo freakin slow. can you please make this bot like twice as fast? its like in retarded mode
  2. can you update this script to be compatible with stamina potions? would really increase money p/h i feel like
  3. can you please refund me? i didn't use this script for even 1 hour. It never worked for me I'd really like a refund. I didn't even use it... please RF.
  4. I just purchased this script yesterday and it won't successfully run through a game. It gets the "out of bounds " exception and shuts down within 30 seconds. Anyone else having this problem? does it just need an update? I feel like i just wasted my 7$, will i get a refund? if the bot is updated i'd be more than happy to pay for it its just that i bought it and it doesn't work lol
  5. I get the same message. It usually turns off at the bank before an hour of running the bot. The Script is not even usable for me right now because if i walk away for 30 minutes it shuts off so please fix this issue so we can get back to RCING!!!!!!! Please post on this forum once you have fixed the issue USA. THANKS [15:39:04] java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 0[15:39:04] at scripts.UsaAbyssRunecrafter.I(UsaAbyssRunecrafter.java:1843)[15:39:04] at scripts.UsaAbyssRunecrafter.H(UsaAbyssRunecrafter.java:1728)[15:39:04] at scripts.UsaAbyssRunecrafter.run(UsaAbyssRunecrafter.java:444)[15:39:04] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)[15:39:04] Script Ended: USA Abyss Runecrafter.
  6. you should add a feature to right click the mage and click repair pouch. it does it instantly rather than having to click 6 dialogue messages.
  7. just confirming that there are many bugs that need fixing. I have been stuck in multiple places, inside the abyss, just inside the altar room, and also sometimes when it tele's it just runs right back up to altar and doesn't heal. This bot is really shitty right now, not runnable unless you're watching it the whole time. please update this man a lot of people paid good money for this and its really not working atm.
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