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  1. Added you on skype few hours ago, but you aint online. My skype is: saraahvw01
  2. As title says, buying 5 tribot credits for osrs 1.5m ea!
  3. Tried it and worked! Thanks! :-) One small problem is I can't seem to get my signature working..... Any idea how come? Edit: well never mind - it's working! :-)
  4. I am experiencing the same problem as @ouncesofkush.. What was the solution in his case? (I bought the script only just now) - I've red the GUI settings and I seem to be doing everything correctly. The bot starts, takes out the preset gear, equips it and then waits with the message : withdrawing range set. Any idea how to solve this?
  5. can do this whats ur skype.
  6. Efficient script, started using v2.03 now, works fluently, send proggy in PM.
  7. Progresive mode isnt working for me right now. Got the right logs + knife in my bank. Starting out w/ a fresh account with 1 fletching. It just sits there and clicks knife > log. Knife > log etc. Any idea how come or is this a known bug?
  8. Just had my very first visage using this script - loving it! Have been running a small farm with this script this week and so far only had minor problems. Awesome script! Thanks USA! :-)
  9. Impressive history! Looking forward to your "D" Scripts ;D
  10. Settings i have: 10 lobs, east and hop when pk'd. Thats all i have and mine runs most of the time for hours max i had 19 hours.
  11. @Zainy First of all i want to thank you alot for making this script and im a really happy costumer. I hope that you can appreciate that i put all the little bug's and problems in here to try to help you complete the script. It might look to you that im always making problems.. But im just trying to help . As said before, im a happy costumor, just trying to give some feedback. Many times when i see the script stopped and i log in its poisened.. Im starting to get the idea that it cant handle to be poisened? What happend this morning: it wants to eat full to before he go from the bank to the dragons, he takes 1 lobster, but he calculated 1 lobster to be good to heal up for the maximum. Than out of no where a hit pops up thats a 6. He need to lobs calcs again take the 2 lobs from the bank and gives this messages: http://gyazo.com/e428a4b4d0dcc449a15b5612256c07c1 http://gyazo.com/9faa2b44074bc810fc3dace6009b42c2 Any idea's what might happend here?
  12. Zainy i think i found it, what makes the bot skull. the example i witnessed this morning: He was fighting a dragon but a couple of blocks away a adamtite ore came up, (now im talk in very details for you) he rightclicks on the menu of looting the ore, than he left click to pick it up, and 0.5/1 sec after he leftclicks on the loot menu on (pick up adamantite ore) he left clicks again, just after the menu is closed. Whichs resulsts in walking some where unless there's a player than he skulls. If you keep looking at the bot you will notice he does this some times, 99% of the time there's no player so its no harm. But when there is a player... Hope you can do something with this, because i cannot make a vid of 10+ hours bot runnning in the night.
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