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  1. krisped

    refund vip

    Hi, i bought the wrong VIP, was going to buy the 8$ vip and bought the 6,50$ instead... Possible to get points back so i can buy the extended? Thanks..
  2. My tribot account keeps saying im already running a script. This happens every day, i tried to change password too, but it looks like the problem is when the client crashes it thinks im already online.... What can i do? Instances says its none active..
  3. krisped

    credits back?

    Hi, Im just wondering if you regret buying a script can you get credits back so you can buy a new script instead? Script i bought was too much trouble with questing..
  4. Thanks, but what about the variance in tribot settings? should it just stay at 0?
  5. Is it anything i should turn on in settings to help avoid ban? Like new mouse input or mouse speed variance limiter "(0) now".
  6. Where did you bot and for how long? i got banned 3 times by using that script
  7. Hi, Which fletching bot is the most safest these days? i got banned 3 times by using master fletcher AIO.. Does someone got 1-99 fletching with this bot without getting caught? I used the fletching bot in world 302 G/E so there should not be any reports from there...
  8. thanks bud, might try that one
  9. where did you bot? rouges den?
  10. I'm talking about everything that can make my account level up any skill
  11. I'm more thinking about fletching, rock crabs, woodcutting etc.
  12. looks like a fun page to me
  13. Are there any thread where there are any information about what bots that are highest and lowest banrate on and maybe what to do to now get banned? Thanks
  14. krisped

    Renescape chatbox

    At rock crabs and flesh crawlers its a good idea to talk anyways
  15. Does anyone know if there is a program to let you chat with people in runescape? Ex. You see what other people are typing in the main runescape chat so you can answer them without being in the game. A good idea if you babysit the bot but dont want to keep watching the bot play. Not a request, just a question.
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