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  1. ::toggleroofs is how you disable them in game i believe
  2. dont bot stupidly.... and buy proxys that havnt been used before
  3. Try transfering some money to paypal im probably not much help since I am not familiar with stripe but just putting suggestions out.
  4. Wheres the phishing link? or was there a post that was deleted
  5. So i loaded up tribot fine and went to start a script then i got this.
  6. goodluck man id do agil
  7. Teach me to script yolo
  8. Its all good I got scammed off a guy on another bot website he pretended to be the developer so I didnt really think it through till i got scammed lol.
  9. Account buying/selling isnt allowed on here i believe.
  10. Probably get $70-$80 if you put it on PA and wait. Just remember you can not sell accounts on tribot. I sold a 70 att 60 str 70 def for 75 before. lol
  11. Damn goodluck on the new bots!
  12. You are gonna lose money on most things your best to just make your own yew longbows and alch them
  13. GG time to restart
  14. Did you buy a voucher or right off the site? and if so contact a mod/admin
  15. Thats nothing lol I got like 4-5 feet just in my yard of snow...