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  1. dont bot stupidly.... and buy proxys that havnt been used before
  2. goodluck man id do agil
  3. Teach me to script yolo
  4. Probably get $70-$80 if you put it on PA and wait. Just remember you can not sell accounts on tribot. I sold a 70 att 60 str 70 def for 75 before. lol
  5. I bot with 31 hp
  6. Goodluck!
  7. I think what Negro_Jesus is asking is if you are going to put range support in as picking up arrows/knives and re equipt them.
  8. Why would you need to change your name?
  9. Runeloader works too.
  10. I will go and find it because it just happened again my account was in Relleka when i was botting.
  11. Sounds awesome!!
  12. Damn lost a couple hundred thousand xp last night due to a early death when i went to sleep didnt even get to see what it was from because bot logged in and out like 100000 times lol. anyways I have used this script from 10-86 agility so far going for 99! wish me luck! Here is my proggy before Tribot failed on me lol (note: the Xp gained is not accurate)
  13. Banods tasset, torso, whip/scim/sara sword, fury, d boots, DFS, barrow gloves,fire cape, nezzy helm, and last but not least full guthans to heal yourself while training.
  14. Is there not a free RC bot in the repository?
  15. Thanks! not much use to me at the moment but I am sure it will be soon enough!