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  1. SHITS GOIN DOWN, all trees supported now this scripts working better than ever!! Erickho is always quick to update any bugs and is very open to all suggestions. And he always helps me. fuck buy this shit even if you dont have the money for it
  2. i know there is an item buy and world hopper but i would love to see an item buyer with multiple item buying and banking that would be so great!!! also im willing to pay rsgp for a multiple item buyer/world hopper if youd make one for me free or not!! thanks
  3. chronmaster420

    Ankou Camper [Free] [Open Source]

    whats the ban rate on ankous does it seem bad guys?? i know flesh clrawlers is hot as fuck got 2 acts baned there
  4. fucking great script!!! 1-40 farm overnight, many options and erickho is very quick to update bug fixes and hes been more then willing to help me with everything! i recomend this script to anyone and for only 5m its a steal buy this script
  5. chronmaster420

    New Rule Regarding Script Extensions

    is the repository down for anyone else?? its wont let me buy any scripts im trying to purchase mutes aio slayers and yes i have exactly 25 credits
  6. chronmaster420

    [Combat] Combat AIO Lite by Assume

    lol is that why i cant buy any scripts??? i still cant buy any as of right now
  7. chronmaster420

    African Crab Killer V2.0 [Totally NEW]

    awesome script bro!! that other guy is dumb^ it would be perfect one thing is that it thinks the crabs have become non agressive every time its out of combat for more then like 10 seconds and it runs away and comes back which is cutting into xp, other then that great script m8!!!!
  8. chronmaster420

    ABCL10 - Tri Edgeville Man Fighter [130k+/HR]

    Script and paint is great nice work bro!!! the only thing is that if you get a herb drop and run to kill another man and the herb goes off the corner of your screen it freezes up looking for that herb because its offscreen and it does not change the camera angle other than that fucking great script m8
  9. chronmaster420

    Abyss RuneCrafter

    Woot woot scripts working great thanks for such a fast update!! one suggestion is that sometimes i get below the teleport out at say 20 hp while trying to w/c or mine through the wall and once im on the other side in the safety of the abyss it then teleports to my house thinking im below this hp. do you think you could remove the tele out option when in the centre of the abyss? thanks again
  10. chronmaster420

    Abyss RuneCrafter

    hey warfront its working more and more effiecient with every update!! the only problem im having it that it sometimes either misclicks the glory and walks outside the house then it wont walk back into the house and find the glory, it then sits there untill logout im sure it should be too hard of a fix, other then that fuck yeah keep up the great work
  11. chronmaster420

    Abyss RuneCrafter

    Hey Warfront the new version is working flawless its not crashing anymore ive had it running for over 15hours noones pked me yet!! script is perfect as is the only thing id like to see inplemented is ctrl+clicking in the abyss for low lvls so it will run past the abyssal monsters because sometimes they take out a good chunk of my hp and would save food and time in the long run for anyone whos not over 70+def. once again thanks for the great script chronmaster
  12. chronmaster420

    Abyss RuneCrafter

    ^ Warfront is a fucking G. cheers for the great script bro your great at what your do!!
  13. chronmaster420

    Abyss RuneCrafter

    hey there first off id like to say amazing script thanks alot!!! ive had it run for over 10 hours at a time flawlessly, it sometimes gets a null pointer when teleing to my house i dont know if its your script or the client because its very random but its the only thing thats keeping me from running it for 40+ hours at a time thank again for the great script its very close to perfection
  14. chronmaster420

    [Rune Crafting]DG Nature Runner

    also still stalls at alter sometimes when exiting