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  1. your ip was flagged otherwise there would be no other reason for you to get banned, ive been botting 5 accounts now for over a month without a ban. any gathering skill is just asking for a ban your lucky to last more than a week botting at most. you can still bot at places without getting banned you just have to think about GL
  2. hey there pm me if your interested i got like 30m up for trades 1:10?? or best offer!! pm me please thanks will do small trades at a time noones fuckin getin scamed
  3. im pretty sure they detect the client itself you dont even have to be using a script at the time 90% sure anyways they just go around checking for people using the client its just playing the game of chance best of luck bro. just bot in stealth as places
  4. breaks have nothing to do with ban rates at certain spots it just reduces the likelyhood of you getting reported or caught by fagex because you are not logged in for those say 10mins or however long so yes i guesss it does lessen the chance of you gettin banned but your getin alot less xp
  5. i know there is an item buy and world hopper but i would love to see an item buyer with multiple item buying and banking that would be so great!!! also im willing to pay rsgp for a multiple item buyer/world hopper if youd make one for me free or not!! thanks
  6. thats definatly a win. i cant believe i just read that whole thing i am looking forward to your future contributions to this community goodluck to you and your wife sir.
  7. oh here we go another good script would be either one that blows glass into uncharged orbs and a script that go go and charge all the orbs that would be awesome, either that or a mort myre fungus collector i havent seen a free one of those around!!! ps i bought ur gdk back in the day it was great while it lasted
  8. hey there i would like to see a free tele tab maker that would be great i hate the dam prices of tabs and the ban rate should be fairly low hard to track people when their inside rthere how. thanks!!! also i would love it if you could me a me script that puts corn and tuna into a bowl with a knife then bank??? that would be great so i could make tune potaos much appreciated even beter would be a script that can make tune potatoes from all stages as i have alot of potatos with cheese and i wanna make them into tuna potatos
  9. whats the ban rate on ankous does it seem bad guys?? i know flesh clrawlers is hot as fuck got 2 acts baned there
  10. ^ lol +1
  11. Nats are still hot just had 2 accounts banned there
  12. LMFAO are you serious?? If so fuckin right on
  13. I have just recently bought 25 credits trying to purchase scripts through the script repo and when i click purchase nothing happens? am i the only one this is happening too its been 2 days now and im stuck. h3lp me. thanks
  14. runescape is updating should be up in a couple hours
  15. is the repository down for anyone else?? its wont let me buy any scripts im trying to purchase mutes aio slayers and yes i have exactly 25 credits