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McCune last won the day on April 25 2016

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    I no longer bot, but I enjoy reading about this type of stuff.

    I play my main legitimately and casually.

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  1. McCune

    Good Gold Sites?

    have 650m to dump, need some gold sites as most seem to be decently filled
  2. two accounts, one super high leveled and it was banned. used it 1-80 over three days, with wines, perm banned. a low-leveled account with no stats over 10, but the account being over a year old, I got it to 90 cooking with it only ever having botted with this script. Perm banned as well this morning 9/7/2017. No doubt about it this thread will get you fucked up
  3. I have a hard time believing that -$8 VIP -$5 Donation -2013 acc, 30+ feedback, 800+ posts for $20? come on. I have over 2.5B ingame too shown in the post. You can't be serious.
  4. Wish I would have seen this earlier, good thing nobody followed through from the previous guys lmao. Curious though - do I really look like I'm going to fuck someone over for $20?
  5. lol bc i bought VIP extended 5 minutes ago and have been actively utilizing this since 2013. I'm a member here just as you are and cause no harm to the community. Just looking to make a few mills if conors lucky enough to win.
  6. I had a bet on the last two guys to fight but that was 2 years ago -- all went fine. My tribot record is clear and will remain. You think I'm going to give my account up for $20? Let me know if you still agree or not. If you want to come ing I'll show you 2.5B+ if it makes you feel more secure.
  7. nah just watching on TV / or finding a stream. 20m, agreed? GL if so.
  8. Want to throw a couple mill osrs?
  9. I wouldn't bet more than 20m with you bud, if you're down for 20 lets make it a bet
  10. Anyone want to place bets? I'm in favor of mcgregor, if you think mayweather will win simply offer an amount and depending on your profile I'll accept or not. GL gp proof: https://prnt.sc/gdf5kz https://prnt.sc/gdf5ez
  11. why don't you make a few accounts and spin the wheel, shouldn't be too hard to make 15m Or - better yet - thats like $3.50 - ask your aunt or something
  12. I wouldn't even take the time to report someone for 1600k. That's less than $2.00, go grab some quarters out of the car and use ur cc to buy 2m back
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