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    I no longer bot, but I enjoy reading about this type of stuff.

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  1. two accounts, one super high leveled and it was banned. used it 1-80 over three days, with wines, perm banned. a low-leveled account with no stats over 10, but the account being over a year old, I got it to 90 cooking with it only ever having botted with this script. Perm banned as well this morning 9/7/2017. No doubt about it this thread will get you fucked up
  2. McCune

    RS3 Huge Request

    How does one go about getting a rank in there? I'm a 126 with some GP on old school.
  3. A majority of the people here don't touch RS3. My suggestion is as @Pwningcows said, buy the gold and play yourself. RS3 will most likely be boring not long after you max invention. You also have no idea what you're doing and could look the equivalent as a OSRS 126 CB player wearing rune and dragon. Then you'll just look stupid. Buy some gold, learn the game, progress yourself. Buying accounts is never safe, no matter the reputation. If that guy comes back in 2021 and decides he wants to hop on RS, he won't give a shit about you or the old Sythe account. You just lost your 3.1B RS3 maxed main and 5B cash that you've worked on for 4 years. Make your own account.
  4. McCune

    54 accounts banned

    A spy could just as easily join you as they could join TB
  5. McCune

    Requesting a rs3 cc spammer

    How about you don't be an annoying child and go to an immature site where they might think this is fun.
  6. McCune

    Thoughts About Zulrah (bots, teleports etc.)

    I'm starting that field this fall. If rent is only 130 dollars a month (where??) I think a part time job at any company would be much easier to work once or twice a week rather than slaving 50 hours of Zulrah and getting 0 compensation, just a little XP and risk of losing your account. Whatever works for you though. If gold was still 3/m I wouldn't judge.
  7. McCune

    Thoughts About Zulrah (bots, teleports etc.)

    Zulrah is too mainstream. The best and most secure methods will always be unknown to most of the population. Side note- You legitimately play RS for about 2 dollars an hour to pay rent? How is that possibly efficient?
  8. McCune

    need script made paying osrs cash or paypal

    It'll take a low moraled scripter to make this. That's just annoying and childish to your competitor. Create something to make your service better than the rest.
  9. McCune

    Bot banned, what did I do wrong?

    Your bot was banned. bot .. banned. bot = ban.
  10. Uh. 1. Use @Bogla 2. I couldn't listen to the video, but you didn't even show your paypal balance? and lol at asking a friend to check your pp. 3. I don't think anyone who knows you can buy gold is confused on how to sell it. As shown in the video, you say selling gold, give them gold, give them PP E-mail. What takes 10 minutes of talking to explain that?
  11. McCune

    Admins please help me out

    No, they can't see it. Is that the same computer you had back then? maybe I can help.
  12. McCune

    Admins please help me out

    How the fuck do you forget your log in on an account worth anything?
  13. http://prntscr.com/aqzquv Similair accounts, the one with higher prayer loses its first compared to the level 52 prayer. Only difference in settings is the weapon IDs and amounts of overloads vs absorptions. Does anyone know why this is happening
  14. Verison number (Printed in client debug): 1.699 Combat / Selling Mode?: Combat Description of the bug: It won't allow me to start the script, it says to post here and I may be missing something. I've messed with it but can't figure it out. GUI settings, picture only: Print script stack trace: (To do this, when the bug OCCURS, ONLY WHEN IT OCCURS or while it's occuring, you should go on top tribot, and you will see "Script", Press that then go to "Print script stack trace", this should print something to your client debug. Copy and paste whatever it prints (Should be more than 2+ lines) to this field) Client debug log (Pastebin, please, to copy the entire debug to your clipboard, right click the client debug button and click "Copy to clipboard"): http://pastebin.com/hhPH96nQ Bot debug (Pastebin, please!, to copy the entire debug to your clipboard, right click the bot debug button and click "Copy to clipboard"): http://pastebin.com/XwUTXR0k Additional information: Just confused af. 500k to anyone who PMs my skype and helps in the next 20 minutes