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  1. Looking to sell one of my accounts and I cannot seem to find the location thread anywhere
  2. Trailed for blackjacking. Not too impressed so wont purchasing https://gyazo.com/c2ea3fbab85bd02c8451af9665c3b5fd < A Fail. Timing is very out of control. Pickpockets when target isn't stunned https://gyazo.com/bd35c18162954bb79bf286b4ae417e5f https://gyazo.com/c2ea3fbab85bd02c8451af9665c3b5fd
  3. PM ME FOR YOUR PERSONAL PRICE I WILL LET YOU KNOW Want ALL ITEMS for sub quests and barrows gloves themselves. So this is EVERYTHING imagine you was on a level 3.
  4. Why is mine mining so much for dorics quest? Still mining after lvl 15 MAYBE FOR THE QUEST ITEMS YA FOOKIN RETARD ^^^
  5. Hi, I am looking for someone who can build websites. I am wanting to host a RuneScape tool like a combat calculator for an example (not giving my idea away). I think this idea would be rather challenging but would become quite possibly one the most used RuneScape tools out there if it created in the correct way. Inbox me if you think you have the capability to make websites/tools. Thanks
  6. Wow. Nice help guys read title. I said NOT pest control! 40 combat requirement which even if u had 99 hitpoints you wouldn't be 40 you'd be 25. Also to the people that soul wars don't be so annoying I'm talking about osrs. Can people learn to read?!
  7. Please don't suggest Pest Control because I'm talking from a level 3. Genie Lamps too. Don't sugegest
  8. No lifed the shit outa this got halo in 5 days lol. Didn't get banned but when I went back to get my castle wars deco range top I did. So made another lvl 3 and got too 150 tokens before ban. I am running for like 10 hours straight. Might start doing 6 hours only so I can actually finish Botting halo and cwars top for my granite mauler: then I can start training legitly
  9. This doesn't even support tanzanite helm. Seriously?
  10. why does this support ring of suffering recoil already..?
  11. Here is a straight forward actual answer. It is still dangerous yes. Jagex and on top of their game more than ever. It is hard not to get banned botting for longer than 6 hours with normal scripts even the premiums, They are very good at what they do and its very frustrating because I haven't got time to train and not enjoy runescape
  12. Need some quotes
  13. No thanks
  14. So you don't have an account with 65 attack and 65+ strength?....
  15. VIDEO