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  1. has ABC2 been added to the script? anybody got proggies to post?
  2. Can you code it so it uses ring of dueling teleport from equipment slot, rather than having the ring in the inventory and teleporting EDIT: if you could make it use clan wars portal after each trip would be 10/10
  3. Very nice script, currently using my 1hour trial, leaning torwards buying it for a month. Got some proggies u can post?
  4. i just purchased this script, must i run it with clint update on disabled? or is it updated?
  5. it is working, just not with Looking glass, have to run the script without LG.
  6. when the owner of the script fixes a small bug in alchemy room, it's worth buying. Works flawlessly
  7. are you gonna fix this? or at least take a look at it?
  8. it doesnt alch, just stands at a cupboard and clicks it.
  9. Alchemy room doesnt work with Looking glass, can you fix this? I'm a longtime user of this script and dont want to see it vanish just like that.
  10. extremely bad script, VERY bot like and i got banned after 4hours of usage How can u even charge for this script is pathetic
  11. Hello, i used to use this script long time ago (1 year ish) and im wondering now if i have to re-pay for me to use this again? Also looking forward to ur release, honestly Starfox was a bit sloppy scripter if you ask me
  12. @TRiLeZ here are 20 files, amazing project! love to be apart of it Xmouse_data-94202-1431949206456.dat Xmouse_data-94202-1431951842157.dat Xmouse_data-94202-1431963154607.dat Xmouse_data-94202-1431963846102.dat Xmouse_data-94202-1431969216709.dat Xmouse_data-94202-1431973898866.dat Xmouse_data-94202-1444087973879.dat Xmouse_data-94202-1444247544155.dat Xmouse_data-94202-1444250128662.dat Xmouse_data-94202-1444256190982.dat Xmouse_data-94202-1444265171326.dat Xmouse_data-94202-1444265854648.dat Xmouse_data-94202-1444267249514.dat Xmouse_data-94202-1444269975232.dat Xmouse_data-94202-1444270735684.dat Xmouse_data-94202-1444271518131.dat Xmouse_data-94202-1444345614007.dat Xmouse_data-94202-1444346912050.dat Xmouse_data-94202-1444348227841.dat Xmouse_data-94202-1444348933704.dat