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  1. scripts broke and looks abandoned. mine as well remove it from respiratory
  2. your breaks had nothing to do with it. chins is one of the most bannable things to bot atm on runescape. its almost the same chance as botting flax. breaks is a myth it wont keep you from getting banned i dont think
  3. its better to open them alch the rune items, sell the material items like diamonds,ammys,ect, in bulk, and sell the profit items to quick buyers on zybe. if your willing to take the time to do so youll make a decent ammount more but not too much. and i always sell d imps i dont bother looting them
  4. okay yea 3/4 of my inv is low level imps man... little extreme for me please fix something. and no im not doing the loot thing cause when it drops the jar it never picks it up most the time, and it will start looking for imps before even dropping the junk and i just feel that its not good, plus i do like getting like 3-4 noob imps per trip so i can eschange them later but seriously 3/4 inv full of noob imps is not okay please fix
  5. lol man the miss clicks on low level imps is REAL. catch sooooo many low level imps it dents the profit big time but whatever. good i guess cause ill never run outa jars when i set it to exchange mode illl get all my jars back
  6. i see your account all the time, your my competition =/. so is that your only account there?
  7. meh its decent but considering how many people use this script... bot in every world i hop to so actually catching good imps is rare now.. getting 200k/hr
  8. do you think there is anyway i can get around that mac adress?
  9. So iv'e been botting for some time now, and i see a very specific trend with bans. First off let me say that my ip got flagged a long time ago, although since then I have changed ips and all that. As long as i have one account going on one computer, i can run it 24/7 for as long as i want it will never get banned. As soon as i run more than 1 account on the computer they all get chained banned/ before i get called an idiot... I use proxies on all my accounts so a seperate ip for each account. I also tried a vpn once and that was kinda dumb cause they were all on the same ip so obvious bans. but I guess im just wondering why am i getting chain banned when using seperate proxies for each account ??? makes no sense. I think that jagex can somehow see the source of the main ip that all the bots are rooted to or something. The proxie doesnt mask the main ip. it has to be that way otherwise it doesnt make sense. That being said i can switch it to just 1 account on the computer running alone and it can go for months. Im very confused and need to find a solution to this problem, perhaps a vps would be better??? idk if i can use proxies with a vps or if you just use a vps and no proxies but please share some thoughts on this because i need a way to run a bot farm without getting instant chain banned.
  10. I can confidently say that she has had all 30 accounts perm banned by now. Jagex does not F around on oldschool im getting instantly banned on all my accounts within the first 1-2 days of them being made and they are all on separate proxie servers so im just gonna give up on the whole botting thing lmfao
  11. So i noticed the ja exchange thing added which is nice, but i noticed you cant really get any imps to exchange in any good ways... what i mean by this is lets say i set the bot to only catch below nature imps, so i can get noob imps fast to exchange fast, sure i can set the bot to do so, but then it takes many many rune casts and it often picks far away imps, [12:57:16 AM] Danny -: id like if if you could make an jar exchange "catcher" setting that would set the bot up to go around catching the "closest" low level imps in reletivaty to the bot "without" runes. This way it will catch more low level imps faster, and be vurtualy free with no cost for runes [12:57:24 AM] Danny -: You should think about adding that =p
  12. THIS i got home and the bot was just idling there with the command to hunt baby imp, accept it's broke and doesnt catch the low level imp anymore and just sits there wasting a ton of time. please fix man i think you broke your script more than you fixed it =P
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