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  1. Can't wait blueflames. I want to buy this script so bad but $20 is a risk that I don't want to take. Does alot of people recommend this?
  2. Honestly I don't see how checking every two hours later on your bot helps on moderators talking to you, its not like they'll spend their 1min-2hours on you to respond nor the bots that might attack you before and die if solver fails. Bot that does help if the bot actually fails and walks back and forth for 2 hours, so that might be something to add in your guide instead. Auto Responder, how stupid it may look can save your rs life lol. I've had a mod ask everyone and happened to be my turn and while babysitting I had funny comments towards my rs name. Anywho it came out like if I weren't botting and I hopped worlds. What actually helps in my theory is that if your babysitting, move your mouse around to break the "anti-ban" pattern and go legit for 30min throughout the day or more. Get some chats in the game, I mean if Jagex does have chat logs, they'll see that you're not quiet for a month. Change botting skills that aren't in high ban rate spots and keep that auto responder whenever your away from your house. I've used scripts where people said they got banned within hours of using and I haven't to this day, maybe because I'm not flagged or idk. I'm still living and botting =) I've actually broke one of my rules for 2 days, I ran the bot for 2 whole days. Still here =)
  3. Sago

    Break Handler ADVANCED

    Runtime bots for a specific amount before it actually takes a break, what I'm actually looking for is how long the bot should run including the breaks. Example... "Last" 5 hours * how long the bot runs before it goes to sleep mode and restarts* Runtime 1 hour * how long the bot runs before break* Duration 30 min * 30 minute break* Randomization blah blah blah Repeat = forever Sleep mode = 19 hours * Restarts with randomize around the same time as if you just woke up in the morning* So thats 3 1\2 of game play and 1 1\2 of break time, then it goes in sleep mode for 19 hours. With randomization it'll come back in the morning without repeating at the exact same time to lose the pattern. And no, the bot does not have this. Hopefully I've explained it well this time, sorry if I haven't. If someone does, I'd appreciate if you help me out =)
  4. Adding 3 options, one for how long the bot will run, how many times to run it and sleep mode. 1. Option above Runtime possibly called "Last" - Add x amount of time you want it to run for including breaks. This will add how long the bot will run for before it stops\or goes into sleep mode. 2. Option with "once, repeat, custom (x amount of times)" - How many times you want it to run, works as repeat but stops after x amount of "Last" and logs out. 3. Option under Randomness called Sleep Mode -Run in the day for x amount of time to sleep after "Last" kicks in again. Perfect Human break handler with little to no work. Runs within the day, sleeps at night...like a human! I can write down more to convince people but this sums it up Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  5. Script ends for some reason, gotten 3m xp on lobsters so far I love it! Edit: Nothing works, it just logouts and ends.
  6. I haven't been banned cause I use 1 account as my main, gotten 70\70\60 stats on this. We're you using the same IP? Curious if thats the reason got you banned so if I do plan to do multiple accounts I'll use proxy
  7. If I didn't happen to look at that moment when I was being attacked by a random upstairs when it was trying to log out I would of been dead. Happened to me too but I stopped it =)
  8. This script is hovering above the logout buttom but won't click it or maybe that its being attacked and only clicks it once when being attacked
  9. I like this script very much but I stood at the bank for almost 4 hours. I ran out of food, and it was just standing there at the bank. Can you end the script when out of food when you press use food or go back as if it were not to use any food? I mean you don't really need it
  10. Every time you start script why does it go to equipment tab? Pattern Pattern Pattern
  11. Got 3 bonds, thank you

  12. Sago

    13ustey's bonds!

    Got 3 bonds, thank you
  13. Order form: Trade type: bonds for 07 Your Skype: puziokush Other traders Skype: live:jradgb Your TRiBot username: Sago Other traders TRiBot username: Bustey Have you added me on Skype? Yes Do you accept the TOS? (Terms of Service) Yes Extra info(Leave blank if no):
  14. Sago

    13ustey's bonds!

    I need 3 bonds. are you willing to use MM?
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