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  1. Buying Layout: Bond(s) you're buying:2 Skype: already talking Have you added me on skype: yes Do you agree to my TOS: yes Terms of Service: You will go first unless i deem youre trusted. I'm not responsible for any mutes/bans.
  2. Don't know how the script does it, but it manages to cut 'on average' 148 magic logs /hour at lvl 75. Just luck I guess, but the script is running on top speed . With current pricing, that's like 177k /hour
  3. Thank you very much for the trade!! Looking for more bonds!
  4. Looking to buy bonds on a regular basis. Please pm me or leave a response in this thread if you have bonds in stock. Thanks!
  5. Hee man, message me as soon as you have new bonds in stock! you got me on Skype
  6. Hello guys, Looking for a provider who supply me with atleast 1 bond a day (1.3M ea 07 GP). Please send me a PM and i'll send you my skype.. p.s. trusted guys only! you need to have atleast some descent feedback.
  7. Works fast, only problem is that is sometimes ends up behind or besides the bank (every 20 minutes or so). It tries to click through the roof of the bank but won't work and just sits there clicking and waiting. (roof toggle is off btw)
  8. To avoid getting killed, increase combat lvl and get atleast lvl 20 defence. That should do the job. @Druid, the script has one little bug, it keeps picking the bronze axe instead of a better one. Currently on new account lvl 38 wc with a bronze axe XD, restarted multiple times and unchecked 'change axes'. I was cutting logs and oaks in varrock. Even when manually placing a better axe in the inventory, it replaces it by the bronze axe.
  9. mollowbass


    Sold 5M in 5 minutes! received the money instantly! thanks a lot!
  10. Bought 1 bond, quick and easy! thanks again mate!
  11. Yeah, this fletching script is crashing very fast, don't think this is normal. I don't have any debug information or something but every ones in a while I open my vps and see only a blank login page without any script running. Edit: i think this is due the client which has problems completing of failing randoms.
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