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  1. Hello everyone, I've had a great run with this script. I have started to use this script on a lvl 3 on which was previously played without any bots (only had few f2p things), while the account was created somewhere around 2006. I have used the script for about a month and a half, and ran it for 12-14 hours average daily, perhaps a little less. I was top 200 ranked agility after this time, as I got 16M agility xp before getting the banhammer, which was today. I knew this day was coming and was just testing how long it would take, transferred stuff every 5M. Made 40M cash in this time period thanks to this script, vouch
  2. I used prayer potions for melee, and absorbptions for range. I thought you would lose points over time and that was the downside of absorptions. Thing is, they're way better and cheap/free because you get them with points. I checked again when I got 99 and had 9 days remaining on this script. 85 Range & 85 Strength --> 99 in 21 days.
  3. When not using degradables (zulrah scale requiring items, barrows, crystal equipment) or running out of ammo, this script can be ran for days easily. Haven't had any significant problems not caused by my own setup with this script. Bought one month and got 85 --> 99 strength aswell as ranged. Averaging between 12 and 16 hours a day, no breaks.
  4. Guys I'm away from home and using teamviewer to access my computer... How do I unselect a prayer? All my current loads have protect from melee on in them but I want to turn it off but can only switch to a different prayer... Or is this due to teamviewer and normal very easy, and if so how? Thanks in advance
  5. Hey everyone, reached 99 strength on my pure with this script today love it I'm going for 99 ranged next and am currently lvl 85. I am planning on using blowpipe in nmz and I've got some questions. From my previous training I have like 25M nmz points. Is it efficient to use these points for absorptions so I dont have to use prayer pots? Or will the damage output of the npcs be too high aswell as the bot not alining them so you get hit by 4 at once, be too harsh on a 1 def pure and wont it be useful at all? Please someone let me know, thanks in advance!
  6. Highly doubt this. You can only say this in my opinion if your IP is clean and you haven't used any prior script on your account. Which you probably haven't. I'm doing 12-16 hours a day of combat since last thursday and gotten like 85-94 strength in five days. Then again it's always a chance but highly doubtful, especially if you try putting in the name of all people in this thread in the signature URL, I've seen people with flat out 100m+ xp gained.. Anyway, shout out to all the sellers still risking accounts to bring me games please don't let the bans disencourage keep your wealth safe
  7. I noticed the same and instatly people start selling games for 40k haha... I'm botting an account on a clean IP and I haven't used any bot on it before. It's being used for combat only, could anyone who reads this and got banned on an account which only botted this for combat PM me? I'd like to know
  8. Hello everyone I used to bot multiple accounts from my own IP adress and never got caught with anything. Later I proceeded to use different VPN's for different accounts if I cared a bit about losing them. Now I play an ironman without any bots, but I also have a pure I'd like to bot in NMZ. Let's say my pure gets caught instantly this can in no logical way ever influence the account status of my legitimately played account right? If I never used anything on it although it is the same IP adress? Regarding IP being flagged or something I never will use bots on the ironman so it should not be of any influence to that account, correct? Thanks in advance.
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